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  1. I was thinking special too but only wide flares I'm seeing comes in really thin 'racing' spec which sounds like could be flimsy. I don't need to save 2 ounces I'd rather have thicker
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. After seeing a build yesterday where they matched the body color, I liked the bolt on look in that case. I actually saw these before but pics are not very good and pretty weak description. Did you go with standard, deluxe, or special? Confused on the sizes. It says adds 3cm on each side, not inches. That can't be right, 3 cm is nothing. I see they have panels and doors too. Its intriguing but think it would be really weird and too light to have plastic doors no? Do you have a pic of your build with the flares? Thanks
  3. Its been awhile but how did these turn out? I'm in same boat and don't want bolts showing
  4. Nice I'll take a look at those. This is basically the look I'm going for but without the round tie in to the front bumper https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/7BSA02/50-1565
  5. Hi, looking into getting 3" and 2" zg flares for 74 260z dumb question but anyone putting flares on is always cutting the wheel wells right? Thinking of running 16x9 but still mulling over options I have rarely seen anyone custom molding the flares into the body (eliminating the bolts). Is there anyone that's done this you know of? If there is a thread you can direct me to would be much appreciated. I'm sure it's not cheap bodywork but planning to paint anyway so I'd at least like to look into it
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