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  1. nope - the hammer and grinder didnt give enough.. I tried 260z hubs and that didnt give any more. A 240k hub seem to give 5-10mm but i only have 1--
  2. mmm-- looks to be about .5mm above the rim on the tyre-- or maybe its touching both. It locks the wheel when the nuts are tightened. I will try flattening the platform will a hammer- maybe grind abit off the bottom spring, it will be very very close. Otherwise -there is always geting a spacer or coilovers
  3. grrrrr-- now the fronts are hitting.... The wheel actually touches the spring platform damit do the 260z struts have a lower platform?
  4. got the wheels--- they look great- with 235-45-17 tyres on the back it is a tight squeeze. The lip has already shaved off some rubber... I hope getting the guards rolled with be enough.
  5. thanks for the info guys--- I've already bought the tyres.. Now im looking for a supplier for the wheels. Ive tried lsdmotorsport and 18racing.. Has anyone used lsd before?
  6. hi, Those wheels look awesome-- thankyou for posting these pics. Im keen on these wheels for my 71' 240z, so im curious on how tight of fit it is. How close to the struts(front and rear) and guard lips? Can you get full lock both ways with steering? You said it rubs abit after you lowered it, will guard rolling fix this? Do you think 235/45/17 tyres would fit? (the local made cars use this size so they are dirt cheap- ie $115 Au) I read that someguy had to use sticky balance weights because knockon ones rubbed- now thats close!! I'm being anal about this as I'm
  7. Thats a good web site.. Nice looking gear but a bit too pricey. $660 is in US dollars right? So prob about $800-900 AUst dollars with freight- Im not sure if they come with rings. Are the big valve recesses needed--Dont most people use flattops-even with high lift cams? L28 40thou+(87mm) flattops sell for approx $260 approx here in Australia +$150 for rings , but of course im really keen on 89mm ones. I'll keep that website if i plan on boosting my budget
  8. Ive done a bit of a search and a few have touched on this but id like more ideas. I understand that with a LD28 cranl/l24 rods, there are pistons the can be made to fit- with fly cutting etc. But im more interested in keeping the std l28 crank and rods and just using 120thou flattop oversize pistons- without having to get them made up custom(too much $$$). Anyone know of any other piston combo that would work.? thanks
  9. just curious on jet sizes(air and main), choke sizes etc on 6 cyl datsuns???? would be good info for us motor "fiddlers"
  10. I was buying some weber jets off this guy and when I got there the jets looked weird- they were threaded- but my DCOE ones are non-threaded. Does this mean they are IDA jets? He also had other jets with SOLEX stamped on them-these were threaded too- are these mikini jets? there was hundreds of both weber and solex jets(air and mains) SO id really like to know what they are for. Any ideas? thanks scott datfreak@dodo.net.au
  11. I know there it already a post on 38mm exhausts BUT I'd really like to know where to get these.. esp the 47 mm inlets Anyone got any ideas? I've spoken to a few people how have them in l20's(4 cyl) but they wont saw where they got them.
  12. hi all, some one said that some toyota 89mm pistons can fit, but i could be mislead. Has any one heard of this?(any details)
  13. my chokes are a little bigger 32 vs 30- so maybe thats why mine has jets a little bigger.. Mine was dyno tuned before i got it and they had 145 mains in it!- but i had some different jets to play with and the 135 mains "felt" better..maybe that has something to do with the F2 em tubes? I like the book "weber carburetors" by pat braden(HPBOOKS). It has the 4 X downdraft IDA carbs that are gold plated and detailed on a chrome V8 manifold on the cover. It has lots of old school ways to tune webers, a very interesting read even if your carbs are running perfect -just for the understanding o
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