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  1. Yes off course the speaker are heavier I was talking about the boxes in general. LOL I know the neon lights are ridiclous that's probably why I haven't done it. Thanks for your input
  2. Spare tire hold another amp and other eletronics and the cheesy neon lightt that turns on when the base hits. (future plans) I will be cuting out the name datsun behind the amp and the light will shine behind that. They are very light. Box is made out of fibreglass except for the wood rings to screw the speakers in. Maybe total weigth is 8 pounds.
  3. I made the speakers boxes out of fibreglass. Here are pics without the carpit. Audio guy said I didn't need to have the box ported and these speaker don't need much cubit ft in the back. Yes space is very limited. I was going to put 2 12" sub but could find the space. I still wanted room for a lunch bag or something. This was my first attemp making a box and working with fibreglass. I spent around 100+ on fibreglass resin 30 on carpit. I'm sure anyone can do this. Thanks and good luck fiberglass.bmp
  4. Thanks I wish I had the same name brand for all the parts.
  5. yes they are 5". I took the old wood/cardboard stuff off the walls and straced the pattern on to new wood/carboard(Home Depot). Glued on the section that holds the speaker. then carpet.... so it slide ride in.
  6. Hello. I just wanted to share what I have done so far. It's almost done...
  7. I'm trying to purchase a clutch slave hose but no one seem to carry one. What other car can I mention that use the same hose. thanks
  8. Timing is good. injectors are firing. fire order is correct. I have spark BUT The car only creats spark when I turn it back to on position I mean... I turn the key...starter kick in.... when I turn it the key back that's when I get spark. as this happen to anybody before? 82zxt, z31 ecu, 370cc
  9. Pallnet is a good man. He fixed the issues. Thanks
  10. I bought a rail from you years ago. Now I'm finally at that stage where i can start my car. But the rail is leaking basically on every injectors. I know it's not your craftmanship cause everyone speaks highly of your work. It's me. I've changes all O-rings. I have 370cc Murkur injectors. (does it matter if the rail was made for supra 440cc injectors?) I can't remember if is was made for 440cc or not it's bin any any years. Any trick of the trade you can tell me? Thanks
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