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  1. I don't want to deal with the welding, so i figured id see if anyone has a set they've already done the dirty work on and would be interested in selling or just need to get rid of. thanks
  2. Located in nashville, will take 280zxt full car or just l28et motor and all accompanied accessories or whatever you have! Would like motor to be in decent running condition, with any issues clearly noted. I'm willing to pick up anywhere around tennessee unless ur willing to ship! Just lemme know, email me at england335@aim.com thanks much, ian this motor is annoyingly difficult to find...
  3. I returned home from a 3 day trip. My car was running fine, no clutch slipping prior to this at all. But i get back, and there is no clutch pressure what so ever. It won't go into gear when the car is on, but will when its off. I read tons of posts about the slave cylinder and the clutch master cylinder. and i have the HAYNES manual but it doesn't have troubleshooting for the problems i'm experiencing. i was wondering if someone could give me any direct input on what i should do first? Thank you very much. ian
  4. So i made a post a little while ago telling about what happened to my 280... http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/93668-introduction-my-z-life/page__p__883607#entry883607 But i still have it. And I'm wondering what parts (besides the obvious interior cause its all destroyed) would be worth my time to swap over from the 280 to the 240. I've heard the r200 rear diff would be smart, i am a LITTLE worried about it being locked up from the flood but maybe its okay. How about brakes? master brake cylinder? etc. Because as far as brakes go, i need to replace them anyways, and i remember my 280 ones being in good condition... even suspension components. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much! ian
  5. Are the 78 280z brakes compatible with my 71 240z? I have a parts car that i'd love to just use stuff from, and my 71's brakes need replacing. Is it simple swap? Thanks!
  6. mikez31ss : the car's lookin great! hope u got all that carb stuff worked out
  7. Thanks guys for the comments... i reallllllllllly wish i could go to that event! im out of town unfortunately! Hm. Maybe next year.
  8. What's goin on everyone, I've been cruisin through here for a long time now. As well as the other Z forums. About a year and a half ago, I bought a 78 280z with 123k original miles on it. It was black... and not exactly in perfecto condition. But i sure loved it. It was the start of my Z fever and the reason i'm referring to it in past tense, is because i'm from Nashville and we had some super crazy floods not too long ago. Well, it took the car to the max! (see pics) But although i was pretty sad about it, i knew my craving wasn't nearly satisfied. I've always dreamed of having an SR20 Z, and at this point that is still the plan. I've done all the research, have parts lists galore for the most part and have had to consciously set it aside from my mind so as not to distract me from daily living, which we are all SO guilty of haha. Because that will be a little further in the future than I'd like. Needless to say, after i lost the 280, i went on the hunt for a new Z. After about 3 months of searching, and using my motorcycle as my daily driver, i stumbled upon a beaut. Called the guy, had it in my driveway in 4 days. It had the classic 240z decals on the side above the rocker panel, but i removed them as i just am not too into that look personally. Its a 1970... with 97k original miles. The body is in great shape, and the interior freaking flawless. I couldn't have gotten a better deal. It was lightyears of improvement from my previous 280. So basically i just wanted to introduce myself. My name is ian. I'm from Nashville, TN. I've been a long time car enthusiast, mostly in the euro world... i owned a 02' GTI 1.8t, and an 07' GTI 2.0t ... loved them both dearly. So moving to a classic car was quite a change, but I sure love it. Here are some photos of the whip(S) also the flood, and the damage ... thanks for readin.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. They seems to be a little more legit. Would it be unwise to get their keyless entry in a bundle with it, or would an aftermarket alarm system cover/include all the necessary parts? I don't really want to spend $200. on an alarm (perhaps this is a stupid thing for me to say) But what are some affordable/reliable options for security systems?
  10. http://www.thehoffmangroup.com/autoloc/details.lasso?itemid=ca2000 Wondering if anyone has heard of/used these power lock units. It comes with an alarm system as well, and for the price, it'd be nice if it were a decent system. Thanks guys.
  11. as we all have learned over the years there is no such things as modifying a car with out some positive and negative outcomes.i have been a hybridz member for years.i also used to work in auto repair and had ase master auto technician cert.when reading on hybrid z website you will see alot of people modding thier cars with a me-too attitude.i did this for awhile.but AFTER starting to use my car for driver school/open track events at infineon,laguna,thunderhill a few years back as i got better i found the need to sort my car out and not just use the (its aftermarkit so it must be good} philosophy.some parts i had bought ended up being taken off of the car -like the too stiff front sway bar and the camber plates in the rear that drove me nuts because of rattles.so i will give you the set up that i arrived at as a compromise foor street/track use that i enjoy using .i am not saying this will work for you.any way just call me 209 345-8458-i dont type fast

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