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  1. i like your 2+2. looks good. are those sportmax on your car?

  2. magnify69


    From the album: my 77 280z 2+2

  3. magnify69

    my 77 280z 2+2

    fresh paint...=)
  4. magnify69


    From the album: my 77 280z 2+2

  5. magnify69


    From the album: my 77 280z 2+2

  6. im interested.. i live like 45 minutes away id like to check it out???
  7. i would like to purchase a rebuilt or low mileage turbo f54 block... located in oceanside,ca 92057... email me.(magnify69@hotmail.com) or pm..
  8. you can hook it up to the bigger blue wire on the existing harness off the 280z... well atleast thats how i did it it worked
  9. i am looking for an ignitor and bracket(no coil) i would also like to get the wiring that connects to the ignitor from the underdash... prefferably together:-| pm me or email... magnify69@hotmail.com thx
  10. looking for complete turbo dizzy+shaft... pm me or email.... magnify69@hotmail.com
  11. i would like to buy a complete engine harness and ecu(5 speed).. you could contact me on email(magnify69@hotmail.com) or pm thanks
  12. i need a complete engine harness and afm.. preferably in a package has to be 81
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