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  1. This car has a chevy V8 under the hood and also has a rollcage. The new owner is a very nice guy we spoke for a bit he said that the car came with a bunch of paper work on it. The car is not far off from a 240z on the main body parts clearly you can tell its a 240 from the side. I ran out of memory on my phone to take more pictures but the interior looks mostly stock he replaced the seats back to stock and also told me that the windshield leaks. I will also add that he has other really nice cars because his supra was also there and I believe that the 1000+ horse power Evo that was there was hi
  2. Thanks for fixing the pictures for me. Was amazing to see the car in person.
  3. http://m1109.photobucket.com/linkcodes/?mediaUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fpbr1109.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fh432%2Fbrice240z%2Futf-8BSU1HLTIwMTEwOTE2LTAwMDI0LmpwZw.jpg&pbauth=1_uLEBonVPfaLdh1h3YMYz2UepSXFVAEq8nhjfv%2F5Yb7iGUMJortr84l%2FoF51yVokIfT2zu%2FLEFWNvGaI7TrMuLesnSkE6uw%2BzyAIFINz668ibiv0aRKdVLS82X8unbSAAU5WTwwl%2FY%2FNC7QETwYb3iNGckcqM2fGj1yfD2pBj8ZE%3D
  4. http://m1109.photobucket.com/linkcodes/?mediaUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fpbr1109.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fh432%2Fbrice240z%2Futf-8BSU1HLTIwMTEwOTE2LTAwMDIzLmpwZw.jpg&pbauth=1_uLEBonVPfaLdh1h3YMYz2UepSXFVAEq8nhjfv%2F5Yb7iGUMJortr84l%2FoF51yVokIfT2zu%2FLEFWNvGaI7TrMuLesnSkE6uw%2BzyAIFINz668ibiv0aRKdVLS82X8unbSAAU5WTwwl%2FY%2FNC7QETwYb3iNGckcqM2fGj1yfD2pBj8ZE%3D
  5. I can e-mail the pictures to somebody for them to post. It also wasn't a Z meet it's a all kind of car meet that happens on friday and saturdays.
  6. nope not evil c its the real deal has a badge in the center that saids primadonna z 003 was the only person at our local car meet that knew what it was he told me he bought it in florida I don't know how to post pictures but I took two of the car the spoiler is no longer on the car tho forgot what he said happened to it other than that it still looks amazing
  7. Spotted Primadonna Z 003 in nyc will post pics when I figure out how to.
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