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  1. Well I went and looked at the car last weekend, the body was in very good condition with rust really only on the exhaust and the panels under the door where the water drains. The car has about 103k miles on it and the paint was suprisingly in very good condition. That being said, I just did not like driving the car. The gas pedal was extremely hard, the clutch had no feel to it and the brakes were somewhat squishy. I know these are characteristics of older cars but for $5k I want something I already enjoy driving, not something I have to make enjoyable. The car was gorgeous but the engine ran rough and i didnt like driving it. O well
  2. Hey guys/gals, I am looking at buying a 280Z within the next week or so. I am going to look at the car in a few minutes but just wanted to see if anyone had any pointers for things to look out for. If these cars have timing belts, when do they need replacing? The car is a white coupe, it has louvers and headlight covers. The owners says the car has 100k some original miles and that the car has been garaged for the last 16 years. He says it starts right up and has no mechanical issues that he is aware of. The car has Recaro seats and it comes with 3 sets of wheels. When i spoke to the owner yesterday he said it only has a small amount of rust behind the door where the water drains. From the pictures the car looks great, but I will take some pics while I am there today. He is asking $5000 for the car, but I am going to try and talk him down to $4500 or lower. What do you all think? Thanks, -Alex
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