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  1. I know this post has been posted a while but i have mine just done the conversion. Im waiting for a few parts to come in the mail to finish this project. Questions: Do you guys have any issues with the cam? I have heard some one did this conversion and end up with cam is bogging a lot of noise. He end up with install a new p79 cam, problem solved. Please let me know. Thanks guys! Kevin,
  2. Logoleaf

    T5 transmission swap questions

    I have a 1983 zx. N/a manual. Everything are stock.
  3. Logoleaf

    T5 transmission swap questions

    Hey guys, Im looking to swap my n/a trans with a t5 but i have a few questions regarding for the drive shaft. 1. Do i also need to swap out my drive shaft with a turbo ones? 2. Is there any mods to the mounting cross member? 3. Are both of the trans has the same splines on the out put shaft? 4. Are they using the same speedo wheel? Thanks everyone! Kevin, Thanks every one.
  4. Im interested on a p90a head. PM sent
  5. Logoleaf

    L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hi everyone, Im new to this. I have a question hope someone can help me out. If i have this adapter, what else do i need to have it works? Can i still use my 280z flywheel, clutch and pressure plate? If not, will the 350z clutch bolt right in to my 280z flywheel? Or is it something that i need to modify? Thanks Kevin,
  6. Hi everyone, I was thinking of going for JWT set up but now changed mind going with other direction for my turbo setup. Im looking for some advice which setup is better for my performance. I have heard a lot of people talked about triple webers and megasquirt but have no experiences since this was my first project ever. Im thinking of going with carbs but here it comes to questions: 1- do i need to have a fuel pump installed? If so, how to setup a fuel pump? Does it required a control unit to tell the fuel pump when to start and...? 2- is there any things that i need to be aware of? 3- if i go with carbs, can i still run turbo? I would like to hear experiences from both carbs and fuelinjected who has already running. I haven't make any purchasing yet at this point. So, you guys are my best helper to get me picked. My ideal is to have It done so i can start to enjoy it as my daily driving. Thanks everyone in advance and im hoping of get a lot of help from Z genius.
  7. Logoleaf

    Need help with JWT set up

    Bernardd, He sent me only eprom. My ecu is 1989 auto. Which is based on JWT required parts. Now, i have just bought the 300zx distributor. I didnt do any mods to the ecu yet. I've been moving and remodeling my new house, so it will be hard for me to looking for my parts to take photo. Sorry, but i will do when i start to go back work on my Z. NewZd, That's exactly what i've been thinking of. If i have to go that route, what im gonna do with those parts that i have collected for JWT set up? Btw, which megasquirt would you recommend? What parts do i need to collect for a megasquirt set up? Thanks
  8. Logoleaf

    Cold start issue! Please help!

    Thanks newzed. Will do!
  9. Logoleaf

    Cold start issue! Please help!

    How do i know if the air regulator is bad? If the vaccum is leak, how come the problem exist only when engine is in cold condition (low idling and splutter when acceleration). When engine is warmed up, problem is gone. I know this is a boring questions but i would like to learn more about the Z. I owned it for 10 yrs and never seen something like this. I know something is not right but cannot find the problems. Thanks newzedd.
  10. My 83 na start to have an issue since last year. It has very low idling when cold start (500rpm). When driving at cold start, it splutter at 1,500 rpm. It will goes off Once come to the stop sign. So, i have to crank each time i stop until the engine is getting warm. When engine is warmed, it runs fine. I've bought another cold start valve to replace the old one out. That doesnt seems to change. Fuel pressure is good. No leaks. Im thinking of bad wiring some where between the CSV and the ECU. Does any one been having the same problem like mine? Please give me some help what to look for. Thanks guys! Kevin,
  11. Logoleaf

    Cold Start Problem

    Hey christopherszx, Did you have your problem solved? Please share if you did. Im have the same issue like yours. Thanks!
  12. Logoleaf

    Need help with JWT set up

    What if it doesnt work? Do you have some one to recommend? Jwt a bit of pricey. Unless i have no choice. Thanks bernardd
  13. Logoleaf

    Need help with JWT set up

    What if it doesnt work? Do you have some one to recommend? Jwt a bit of pricey. Unless i have no choice. Thanks bernardd
  14. Logoleaf

    Need help with JWT set up

    Bernardd, He is somewhere in sandiego, dont know exactly. I only in touch with him via email. His is ecutunerguy@googlemail.com I didnt have a chance to test the pic yet. I hope it is ok. Newzd, Thanks for the links
  15. Logoleaf

    Need help with JWT set up

    Which website is it? I have the maf installed all the way on the right of the radiator. My ecu been repapped by the guy Jason in san diego. Dont know how it works yet since i never have it hook up. Im stuck with it for a while now. Thanks malibud