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  1. You got some sick cars William.
  2. hahaha awesome! Ill let you know once I'm ready.
  3. The 7mgte is like 230ish horsepower and heavy. Im sure you could do alot of weight reduction on the motor if you dont have to worry about smog. Theres a site, I think its called 7mpower.com or something and its a bunch of MK3 motors with some kick.. nothing 2jz style but in a little Datsun.. well you know. I personally would go 1 or 2jz.
  4. I have no Z yet, here to obtain information first and decide exactly what I want to do before I buy a car. Too many times I got ahead of myself with a car I find and buy on impulse then never finish it because I dont know what I want to do.
  5. lmfao, I am not capable of hacking anything but steel.
  6. ...by a Kraylen disease. Now a days with every hobby comes a forum and community attached. I've been a carfreak all my live and for years have been trying to come to peace with a project and complete it. Supras... Bugs.. Silvias... everything was ideal but nothing was perfect. I've always loved the Datsun Z but never really sat down and thought about them as much as other cars. Then one day it hit me like a bouncer I just spit on..... I want something small, light weight and old. A heavily dedicated member on the saltwater keeper forums I decided to put up a poll in the off topic section to lure some of the other car heads out of the darkness. The poll consisted of an old BMW 2002, 510 coupe, 240z and a late 60's Bug. To my surprise a majority of the people voted for the BMW 2002... then I realized those were the people who knew nothing about building a car and saw the name. Anyways, It boiled down too the 510 Vs the 240z. Im stuck on the 240z but I will take a 510 in a heartbeat. Without either vechile, I am on the quest to obtain a Z but Im going to do it a little differently. With all these hobbies I have.. I have a goal to have one hobby pay for another. So this Z Im planning on picking up down the road will be mostly funded by saltwater fish tank stuff. It shall be an interesting quest! I hope to learn alot from you guys. I can be a bit of a poison dipped blade sometimes but this is a car forum *bows* -Kraylen
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