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  1. Just a footnote: two additional door bars are being added as well as a jacking point. We agree about the diagonal bar, however this design has been used on many cages that have all passed tech. The cage was actually built by a former Nissan Off-Road team fabricator.
  2. Its not for door to door racing.(could change) I will be doing a few time trials and some auto cross, Pittsburgh has a pretty big vintage Grand Prix they run out here. What do you see that could be a problem?
  3. Project update. Car still in progress. Cage fully assembled and welded. Ordered body kit from reaction research. Will continue to update.
  4. Finally back to work on the Z. Had about a 2 year delay since my last post. Car is at the body shop getting all the welding done and sand blasted. Should be there for a couple of months. One of our customers is doing all the work. Hope do have all a roller by August with all the brake and suspension done. Trying to decide on the Mckinney or AZC suspension. Have all the other suspension stuff from AZC so i will probably go that route. Will update with pics when i get some.
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  6. I haven't posted in a while.Been so busy with work then all the snow in Pittsburgh. No major updates. Car is on the rotisserie. Floor pans being removed and I did get a nice gift from my parents for Xmas. Arizona Z car is some pretty sweet stuff. Just need to get the coilovers and brakes and I'll be set. Spend the last couple of days scraping off the under coating...What a pain. Like my dad said Weight is horsepower so get to scraping. Will follow with more updates sorry about the delay.
  7. PPIGT2

    280z & Zxt Parts for Sale - Cheap!!!

    I sent you a pm about item number 10. I talk to my dad who is helping me with this build and he said get item 8&9. Let me know how much shipping to 15206. I'll pay the frieght. let me know. Steve
  8. PPIGT2

    280z & Zxt Parts for Sale - Cheap!!!

    I'll take number 10. send me a pic if you can. i need a r200 for my CV conversion package.
  9. Will post some vids of it at Sears Point when I get the from VHS to the computer.
  10. I'm pretty sure thats it. I'm going to have my dad look at it. Thank you so much
  11. yeah that's it. I'll ask him when i get home. I can tell by the front bumper. That's awesome:):). Let me know if it is still around. Thanks
  12. We want to run the same as his. Talk to Rebello on a complete motor just seems a little to high for my budget. Would love it. I have been running and STi so this drivetrain is new to me. Plus my dad hasn't work on Z since he sold his in 88. Most of those companies aren't around anymore. I will be learning a lot from this site. Would love to find a old GT2 race motor around.
  13. My dad's still around. I work for him. He is helping with the build. He sold his Z in 1988. We just had this idea. I have been autox/track days in my STi and I wanted to do something different.
  14. I had this brilliant idea to recreate my father's GT2 race car. The original Zcar he purchased was from Joel Anderson. Raced that car for many years at Sears Point, Laguna Seca, and several other tracks in CA. The only problem was that I was just a kid when he raced. Fast forward 20 something years and this here we are. Picked up a 260z and the process begins. My Father's Z Not the best pictures but you can see what we want to achieve. Us Now My new toy...:):) Got the rotisserie built and now all the fun work begins. I will keep the updates coming
  15. PPIGT2