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  2. Here is a pic of the wheels. they have slicks mounted on them now. Datsun Bolt pattern and offset to fit!!!!
  3. Newly rebuilt by Yorktown Transmission with a Billet 5th gear Bearing Retainer.
  4. See Classifieds My old racing wheels are for sale. 4 on 4.5 with 4.5 " Back Spacing Supports 10" wide Rubber Hoosiers 16 255 50s slick mounted and balanced.
  5. Kewl I have been looking at the DEAN Vendetta series. The XM model is very reasonable and seems to be on clearance at most online shops. Any opinion? http://www.deanguitars.com/vendetta.htm
  6. I want to get another guitar. I currently play a 1986 washburn g-3v. It was a budget guitar in the day and still is. Still is fun to play but still entry level. Of course I dont want to spend the money for a Gibson S3 or a Fender. What is the best used guitar value out there. Not looking for investment quality just a step up something I can steal in the $300 - $500 range. Yeah I want to find something that is worth more but only pay a little for it. Mainly I want an improvement in construction, tuning and the electric components; pickups,switches kobs and jacks. I posted here cause you have never steered me wrong. OH BTW car is still running strong and for sale. I just entertained my 57 year old cousing from OK in it. God I love smokin tires. Joe
  7. Taurus fan is rated at 3500 cfm slow speed and 5000 cfm hi speed
  8. Mine runs 205 210 all the time night day highway around the block. I think it is a function of poor gas in this modern day and age and fuel delivery in non atomized state. this can cause a blow torch effect where the fuel is not fully combusted at or near tdc and continues to burn out the exhaust port thus heating the engine. I have worked on my issue alot and have worked with Don at: http://www.4secondsflat.com/Demon_Tuning_Guide.html His main suggestion to me was to get the carb and timing tuned correctly. Utilize a quality intake and add a 4 hole carb spacer to help direct the mixture down where is needs to go. Without a 4 hole carb spacer the fuel/air tumbles down past the butterflys in varying concentrations. I am not quite there yet but continue to work on it. BTW his qwork on Mighty Demon is very extensive. To this day when traveling at 60mph at 3000rpm I can still hear a "burble" ever so slightly in the exhaust note. it is a great free read and his dowwnload is well worth $10. At this point I have come to accept 205 - 210 as normal. I am sure you have run a pressure check on you water system. And of course sealing around the radiator and all other suggestions are well worth investigating.
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