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  1. Okay thats what I was thinking. I should have been more specific in my question. I am referring to the front frame rails. The floor rails have been recently replaced before I had purchased the car just the not the front frame rails. MSA and Zedd findings are the same front rails?
  2. i was assuming that they were different because zedd findings were cheaper than msa. I had emailed baddag and he had told me to email zedd findings for the front frame rails
  3. I did search but didn't find any true comparisons. Your guys opinion whos frame rail MSA or Zedd Findings is stronger/better built/best fit.
  4. i might have also missed this also but what nap are you using. Are you using very fine or rough? I'm assuming fine but i figured I would ask beforehand.
  5. there located about 15 minutes away from my house. I'v been planning on trying to get there and taking a look at the quality of there stuff. If I get around to it I will definitily let every one know but until then I am as unsure as you are.
  6. I know I'm gonna sound really dumb here and I could search for it and i will if nobody feels like answering but what is the difference between the welders. Brief description.. edit* mig, tig, and stick -Ron
  7. thanks guys...saving me some money here . Any of you guys from around cleveland that would be interested in helping. That would be even better http://forums.hybridz.org/images/icons/icon10.gif Talking -Ron
  8. thanks. I personally have no clue what to really look for in a welder because I am as new to welding as anyone could possibly be. I tried it once with my buddies welder a couple years back but other than that I have absolutly no experience what so ever. I wouldn't even attempt to do my own frame rails if I had the money to take it to shop but I think i have a pretty good idea on how to do it with keeping the body straight and etc. just have to learn how to weld
  9. I know that I may get the should have used the search comment however I did search and couldnt find anything and many specific models of welders. I am going to be using it for miscellanous body and for remaking my front frame rails ( going to be cutting the old ones out and welding in new ones ) will something like http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=55250 suffice?..I am currently going through my paramedic training and money is low but then again wasting 150dollars on a p.o.s. welder wont help. Any input will be appreciated thank you -Ron
  10. Anybody from ohio/cleveland area know of anywhere where they do media blasting. I looked in yellow pages and on google and I couldnt find anywhere that did. Anybody know anything. Thank you -Ron
  11. hopefully this is better. Really starting to make me hate computers
  12. thank you very much for showing me how to do that. Now finally the picture
  13. for some reason I cannot get the pictures to upload. I put them into the photogallery and I'v read all the FAQ on posting them and nothing is working. Don't know if I am doing something wrong or if it is just being difficult.
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