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  1. Thanks for your responses! What i ended up doing is taking off the fuel injector pintle cap from the old 280ZX injectors and installed them one the new Supra injectors with a thin file of silicone (just like the stock ones had). I drilled out the hole to be similar in size to the Supra pintle. I am not 100% sure if this will work, and seeing as the car is still a few months away from being complete, I won't be able to test for leaks. I've yet to see anyone have this issue or address it if it was an issue, so I am going under the assumption that these were not Supra injectors as shown in the li
  2. Hi guys, first of all, I never post on here because I usually find what I'm looking for but this time I haven't found an answer. For those of you that have upgraded your injectors (and it seems that most of you have), what modifications did you do to the intake manifold? The 440cc Supra injector nozzle does not fit into the L28 intake plenum. I haven't seen this addressed in any other post, so maybe I missed it or I have the wrong injectors. Can anyone elaborate on what needs to be done? I'm guessing drilling out the holes to a larger diameter but then what o-ring gets used? Side note: I'm als
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