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  1. 280zzzz

    Garage paint setup

    We want to get a setup for painting cars in our garage, and we need a compressor that can stand up to the task, on a budget. Shoot me some ideas.
  2. 280zzzz

    Piston question

    Were hoping to completely restore the car for 6k plus paint.
  3. 280zzzz

    carb vs efi vs hybrid

    Im referring to stock efi. And as far as the visual aspect goes this wins: http://www.arizonazcar.com/manifold.html
  4. 280zzzz

    Piston question

    Sorry guys i messed up my motor description check it again.
  5. 280zzzz

    Piston question

    I have an l28 with n42 heads and dished pistons. (8.3 compression ratio) Id like to get some good horsepower without turbo or an engine swap, so I am looking at high performance pistons, or an entire head swap. Which would you recommend, and where could I get 1mm overbored, flat top pistons for my engine, without spending 800 for this:http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/PEM04/10-4080
  6. I am trying to decide between fuel injecting my 280z, using the single holley carb, or using a hybrid with dual su manifolds connected to two throttle bodies and the injectors in the manifold. The FI or hybrid method I will use with megasquirt. I just love the way a carbureted engine looks, and the stock efi looks horrible.
  7. 280zzzz

    maf carb

    Alright what kind of shop would I talk to about welding it?
  8. 280zzzz

    maf carb

    i would like to do two performance throttle bodies, on the dual su intake manifold, with fuel injectors in the manifold, and a mega squirt laptop tuned setup. Is this do-able? We already have the intake manifold, and fuel injection system for the car.
  9. 280zzzz

    maf carb

    Hmmm, I may do that system, its EXACTLY what I was trying to describe in my post. (although I didn't have the tb idea). Could the injectors be welded in with a mig welder?
  10. 280zzzz

    $50 DIY paint job

    Don't use RUSTOLEUM. Ive read up alot on this and using BRIGHTSIDE marine paint works WAY better, is more durable, and uv resistant.
  11. Our plan for exhaust is 3-2 headers, into dual pipes down to where the spare tire well used to be, into a home built muffler that is two entries, with a y pipe inside, making four outlets. The inside pipes will be drilled and there will be some kind of filler inside the muffler outside the pipes. The 4 exit exhaust pipes, will then dip down and exit out a cutout in the bottom of the rear valance. Anyone have any ways to up this design at all? Ill be sure to post pics and a write-up in a few weeks.
  12. 280zzzz

    how can I make it faster

    didnt read the inexpensive part lol
  13. 280zzzz

    carpet kit q?

    Do most carpet kits have the seating holes pre drilled? We are going to move our seats back and remove the rear seats but We don't want random holes in the carpet
  14. 280zzzz

    how can I make it faster

    Not smart ass answer: High compression flat top pistons Upgraded exhaust manifold and carburetor High flow exhaust and headers Racing Camshaft
  15. 280zzzz

    maf carb

    You couldnt somehow put the fuel injectors in the carb, so you could use a computer to control the a/f mixture, and it wouldnt get off at high rpms?