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  1. looked through those, but thanks, seemed i did need to look a little closer. Not sure how i missed the gearbox in the firts pic. Shouldn't be researching at 4am in the morning perhaps. I want something between those two projects. Firstly, i dont want to do a manual gearbox conversion, and I'm not sure why I might need to replace steering rack, seems that only causes problems with manuals from what I have read. I was after info on the simplest way to swap the engine, thought it better to start a new thread. Is there someone of value in Sydney that I could get this to do this for me .. ? I don't have a garage, if this isn't too tricky, i might be able to get one of my carsmart friends to help me with it. Have a friend with garage, his father pre-fabricates parts ... but if its a half-year long project, then I dont want to ask him. Great forum, can't believe it took me this long to consider a swap.
  2. I live in Sydney Australia. My current engine is a L26, slightly modified. Today whilst driving around the block something went wrong, the timing was completely off, power was intermittant, i pulled home, and shut it off, popped the hood and smoke started coming out of the engine. When last serviced the mechanic told me the engine was on its last legs and needed either a full rebuild or dodgy timing chain bodge up (i chose the later). Problem is, when the engine was running well it still wasn't matched to gearbox and had no power unless left in gear an eternity. I dont see the point in fixing this engine. I could just swap back the standard engine, but that just doesn't move much at all (not in any way compared to modified engine i once had in a 2 seater manual version). I've been thinking this might be a good opportunity to put a newer motor in and believe the 1UZ-FE N/A engine would be ideal. I'm happy leaving the car automatic. So can someone tell me how easy/rediculous this might be. I've read some threads (all of them i can find relating to this engine in fact) but I've still got some concerns. How difficult is this. I have close to no skills, however I do have two good friends that are, that might help if the task isn't monsterous. What might it cost me to get someone to do this for me? (just want some indications of options/costs) Does a front-cut come with gearbox ? or do i need to purchase this seperately? Tailshaft etc need to be upgraded also if I plan to leave motor stock ? Brakes ... etc etc ? Custom exhaust ? I'm guessing this is totally out of my league, but figure it can't hurt to ask. If its just a case of engine mounts and minor fiddling, or is this major project work ? More info the merrier, thanks in advance.
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