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  1. I have now bougth C/V-axles (might need another pair for spares though), P90 head, alternator and distributor. I have a some alternatives on turbochargers, intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds which I am considering. I am still in desperate need of 280Z stub axles!!!, rear wheel bearings, and a rear disc brake setup.
  2. No, sorry. Will stay turbo after all. So I have a different wtb ad here. This one can be deleted.
  3. I already have a 280ZXT intake manifold, and I have larger injectors, 60mm throttle body and a custom fuel rail. But I would like a cleaner looking non-egr manifold though.
  4. Bump! Shipping would be to: JetCarrier 37954 Att:PÃ¥l Espen Johannessen 601 W Linden Av Suite 37954 Linden, NJ 07036
  5. As the title says, I am looking for the following parts: P90 head with solid lifters. Preferably in good shape ready to bolt on. It would be a pluss if it has been rebuilt, but not a must. 280Z stub axles 280ZXT C/V axles, also looking for Modern motorsports C/V adapters, but I'll probably need to buy these new. Rising rate/adjustable fuel pressure regulator (Aeromotive, SX or something similar) Clean EFI intake manifold I also need a 280ZXT exhaust manifold, some sort of EFI-system (haltech, electromotive, etc), rear disc brakes
  6. I have viewed this thread three times so far. Unfortunately I don't have any answers to you, as I haven't experienced this myself. Perhaps I'm blind, but I don't see any figure 9 on that pdf-file, only 1, 2 and 3. So, have you wired it according to any of these? On my previous 260Z I had a Crane Cams CDI. After installing it the tachometer wouldn't work, because I needed an adapter. Probably not helpful information, but maybe you need something similar?
  7. Yes, I'm located in Norway. I guess it would need to be shipped in two packages? It would depend on the weight. I think shipping is cheapest through USPS. If you know the weight of the parts, shipping costs should be easy to calculate on usps.com. How much do you want for the parts?
  8. Hi! I am in need of some parts for my car: - 240Z front and rear strut-housings with top mounts (don't need the struts or the springs though) - Rear control arms - R180 or R200 differential with either a 3.9:1 or (preferably) 4.11:1 ratio. LSD or non-LSD. Give me an offer. - Lightweigh flywheel (must be large enough for a 240mm spec clutch) - N36 SU-manifold with throttle linkage - Fuel filler hose going from tank to fender - Not quite decided 100% on carburetors yet, so also interested in carbs (round top SU's or tripple sidedrafts) - Square port headers with a primary ID of preferably 1 5/8" If I remember anything else I need, I'll add it to the list
  9. Nice looking car!!! But I'd mount a bumper in the front, and paint the grille and the rear plate black. Perhaps also a bumper in the rear. Just my personal opinion, no offense! Is this going to be a high-rpm race-engine? If not, then I wouldn't change to shorter rods and a L24 crankshaft. What you gain in response and high-rpm power you loose in low end torque and street-driveability. You haven't considered turbocharging? Just asking. That is by far the easiest way to get some serious power. I am going the other way though, basically because it is hard to get the turbo-build approved in norway.
  10. Thanks for all the detailed feedback people!! It's nice to have all of you share some of your knowledge with the less wise amongst us. I don't have time for a long and detailed post now, but I just wanted to say that the dellortos are probably not in the picture anymore. He wanted 600$ for them, and they will need a service as well. So, unless using SU's will be a major performance-stopper on our build, we'll probably buy a newly rebuilt pair (rebuilt at ztherapy) for 300$ (or is this too expensive? It's only the two carbs, no manifolds or throttle linkage etc), and just slap them on when the time comes. I'll get back to all the other stuff soon, but if you guys think the SUs will be too small (or that they're not a good deal at that price), do speak up.
  11. I know, people are negative to such estimates. All I need to know is if we will be able to pass 200 whp, I guess we would be satisfied with anything above. We won't go too radical on the cam as we want good driveability. It will be a cruiser for the most part, perhaps the odd trackday every other year. I found out today that the R180 I have is 3.36:1. Which sucks. And the R200 is 3.54:1. How hard is it to change gears, and do most R200 gears fit in the R200 that originates from the 280ZXT? I see that many gears are available from Japan on ebay.
  12. Yes, I know. I actually did just that with the P90 head I had built for my turbo-project. I bought a good core from ebay and had it sent to lonewolf performance. But this time, if I am going to alter the E31 I have, the shipping charges will be at least 400$ if not more for shipping it both ways. It's a rare head, so it will be hard to find one in the US at a reasonable price. Furthermore, I doubt we will do anything more to the head than install hardened seats and larger valves, and smooth out the ports and the chamber. Hopefully someone nearby will be able to perform those tasks. But I'll send Braap a PM and ask him how much he would charge for such a job.
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