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  1. wow thanks everybody, I am not sure how well my 16x8 will fit under these but we will see I will give Him a call or maybe pay him a visit as I am going to Austin this Christmas. P.S. I will be shipping out High Fives tomorrow
  2. been searching everywhere but cant find them, any clues? Thanks. The person who finds them gets a free High Five! http://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/jpg/200612/datsun-240zw.jpg
  3. so my volt meter was starting to look like my tac ( revving up every time I revved the engine) So I figured the voltage regulator was having issues. I unplugged it and the car now runs fine. The Battery is nether over charging or dieing. It also idles a little higher. any reason I should get a new one? I am sure there must be. Or should I just run the l28 without a voltage regulator?Thanks! p.s. It was kind of fun having my volt meter in the red as my gauges and headlights where super bright and my wiper where ridiculously fast lol. I was sure something was going to catch on fire.
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