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    hey guys, what is the best way to test to see if i am getting spark in my 82 280zx???
  2. I will post elsewhere please delete the thread
  3. Hey guys, I am new to the forum I would like to say Hi to all and I am already hooked to the forum just from browsing around a little. My girlfriend has a 1982 Datsun 280 ZX, it is cherry and in excellent condition. Has the V6 - non turbo power plant with a 5 speed. But I am having a problem with it getting to start. She brought the car down from her home in Amarillo and parked it in the garage at the house and now it wont start. So now the car has been sitting for like 2 months and I have decided to turn my attention to it and see what he problem is. After checking all the basics I can not get the car to start. I replaced the plugs and went over everything I could thing of, but can not get the car to start up. It crank and crank and sounds like it wants to turn over but never does. So I broke down and sprayed a little starter fluid into the intake and on the first crank the engine almost turned over but failed to start. So I tried a few more times and nothing. So I tried a little more starter fluid but never got the same result again. So I have come to your Z god's to get your advice on what to check and what to do to get this BA car back on the road. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. I will get some pics of the car up soon for all to see.
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