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  1. Ok, this is going to sound really strange, but before you jump on me for my answer, try it. I'm betting your car will not REV past 2200 RPMs then it starts bucking sputtering and dying... right? Well, if it's an auto, look in the back where the spare tire is mounted. Behind that mounting point is a small box with 2 plugs in it. It's the ATCM. With the car turned off, unplug both plugs at the same time, then plug them back in. It doesn't matter the order you unplug them as long as they are both out at the same time. This for whatever reason seems to cure the problem. It's happened to mine about 4 times under different conditions. The first time was after a brushless car wash, the next time was after driving on a sunny SC day for about 20 mins at highway speed then it sat while I ate dinner. When I came out it wouldn't go past 2200 RPMs. The last time around I cleaned the contacts on both plugs, the put a light coating of vaseline around the outside edge of the conntectors and haven't had the problem since. I have been all over the service manuals and can't seem to find a reason for this interation. So, for those of you a lot smarter than me, PLEASE put your 2 cents in! I hope this helps! PS: Now my problem is under WOT the car will die at 4000 RPMs like I hit a wall, won't shift, but if I ease my way up under 1/2 throttle it will ease past 4000 with some minor skips... any ideas?
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