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  1. J, Do you have any pix? I was thinking of going the red route til I read your post.
  2. Thanks guys, I was thinking of trying to reverse scam him but it's too much trouble. I'll just ignore it.
  3. I'm trying to sell my daily driver car and this guy emails me the following. Sounds like a scam to me...I haven't responded yet but my first inclination is to say "cash only" or "title transfer only after check is cleared". It also sounds like I'm expected to ship the car on his dime. Hell no! Too much hassle. Opinions? How do you guys handle receipt of payment vs release of ownership? -------------- Good to hear from you i really appreciate the response, i will need you to consider the car sold to me and am in total agree with the final price so i will call my secretary fi
  4. Is that welded to the frame? And is the frame rail reinforced? Looks nice and simple!
  5. http://forum.caswellplating.com/forumdisplay.php?f=18
  6. It did bond with the paint, not even the liquid paint stripper I have from Home Depot is this strong! I used a mold release wax, specifically made for these jobs. But the gelcoat still ate thru...This next side has more than double the coats of wax.
  7. Here's the damage... If this other side comes out good, I'll have to sand down the above and have another go. Then sand down the entire hood and repaint.
  8. I plan to do the other side this weekend, hopefully it will be fine! Then I'll sand down the damaged side and try again.
  9. One mold of one vent was pulled, the damn thing ate into my paint:(! I will see if I can salvage the mold, if not, I have a lot of sanding to do!
  10. Fill in the holes I drilled:) Actually, theyre extra gauges for vacuum/boost, voltage, etc. Im looking for a good looking clock too. Will need EGT one day, and maybe some wideband O2 stuff. I figured a boost gauge that I can see and one for the passenger should be entertaining enough.
  11. No, what I mean is for manufacturing processes, if I closed off the vents it would be easier for me. And if I shipped them like that and let the customer cut them, even easier. I'm not sure this is the best way for me yet either tho. just asking for general opinion. This type of hood vent won't force air to your carb. The raised lip on the hood creates a negative pressure differential which sucks air OUT of the engine bay. I placed them right behind the radiator and over the headers for that reason. check out this pic
  12. LOL, i NEED to come up with some kinda brand name or something! Never liked my name...hated my parents for it too! Just an FYI, planning is in progress. This is gonna be much harder than expected for me to make molds. Would anyone care if I produced parts with the vents blocked off? I mean the openings facing the front of the car...the openings on the vents...to the engine bay. It's still not firm but I'd hate to make them this way, for myself and for others.
  13. Old pix of my fiberglass and glossy interior
  14. thanks! i hope to make it possible for you guys by making these vents!
  15. thanks for the kind words. i guess about 6 years now, off and on, and changing ideas too many times!
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