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  1. Do you know how it is assembled? Is the glass glued or double stick taped to a backing plate? Once you remove the glass, is there access through the backing plate to the screws holding the mechanism with the gimbal in? I can't see enough behind there to know how it is assembled.
  2. I need to remove the glass from my '77 280z OEM door mounted side mirror without breaking it. Does anyone have a good method to remove the glass from the OEM door mirror housing? Does anyone know if there is a source for the replacement mirror glass cut to shape for the '77 280Z?
  3. Haven't heard back from Jeeper42 yet. Anyone else have an extra stock drivers door mirror assembly?
  4. Jeeper42, did you find anything? I'm mostly interested in a good housing and mounting pieces, I can deal with bad mirror glass. Thanks, Zoomer
  5. I'm looking for a stock door mounted rearview mirror assembly for a 280Z. Thanks!
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