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  1. Just wanted to show my hardbody with its new wheels and motor. The engine swap was finally finished last december, and ordered the wheels last month and it took about three weeks for the wheels to be made. the wheels are boze forged aluminium wheels they are 17x8 with 6.5" of backspace. The guages that im running are autometer ultra-light II's i went with the full sweep electrical guages and still need to add oil pressure and a boost guage. My future plans are for a flush mount tonneau cover and black and tan interior based on a ferrari 599gtb
  2. That looks good. I had a feeling that there was going to be some amount of fabrication for the mounts. Do you have any more pictures? I am only going to have maybe a month to do this at the most so I am trying to look ahead for 'surprises' that may arise. What did you do about the steering?

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