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  1. Sorry guys i just noticed that. I have the 240z and im looking for a STI. Thanks,
  2. Is there anyone who would be interested in trading Your 2005 STI for a restored 72 240z with a RB25DET clean swap?
  3. No thanks i needed a GT but mine started working again so im going to wait to get one thanks though.
  4. Do you know if it works perfect? How much shipped to 29577 Also whats the number on it and is it for MAP? Thanks,
  5. 1972 240z

    2jz gte

    Does anyone have or know anyone with a 2jz gte ecu for sale close to myrtle beach or south carolina? I have a 93 2jzgte with the r154 transmission i dont want the expensive 6 speed ecu. Thanks,
  6. I had the same problem, i dont have a A/R gauge so i dont know what it was doing but my problem was the coils getting weak but i think that would make it run rich not lean? It something to think about. Got new coils and it ran perfect.
  7. Anybody have a CLSD with pop in style axles?
  8. I know i was hoping someone would have one but now im just looking for the CLSD with the axles that pop into the diff
  9. Anybody know anyone that has a diff somewhat close to south carolina?
  10. Sorry looking for a LSD to put in my 240z but thanks,
  11. Sorry guys im looking for a z31 R200 CLSD or VSLD with axels. Im pretty sure VLSDs also came in 86-89 300zx manual turbo
  12. Hello, Does any have a VLSD and axles from a 300zx and a mustache bar, rear hubs, front diff mount and transverse link from a 280z? I need every think to swap a VLSD into my 240z. Thanks,
  13. 1972 240z

    72 240z

  14. Yeah im also thinking about doing the VLSD swap with cv axles but i would still need the 280z parts to mount it. Right now im just looking for the cheapest way but the right way to do it.
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