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  1. According to my bathroom mirror (the flattest surface I could think of in my house) The flange on my manifold isn't as flat as it could be. I'll take it to the shop first thing tomorrow (correction: coffee first - shop second). I ordered a '78 gasket today, and I'll just modify it the same way I did the last one, but it should be easier this time because I have a template. I'll get back to you fine people this weekend when my parts are ready and I get back from visiting relatives out of state. Feel free to discuss in my absence. I'm still a little curious about the huge swings in rpm
  2. Leon, do you (or anybody else) have a suggestion for which year I should ask for at the parts store? It is my understanding that the exhaust ports were square(-ish) before 1977, but changed to a rounder shape after that. I'm getting that info from this site as well as from pictures I found online at MSA.
  3. The starter fluid test revealed a leak around cylider #2. I have tightened down all of the bolts to FSM torque specs (10-13 ftlbs) (actually, I wen't a little tighter). It idles super great now at 2000 rpm and 17 inHg. However, if I back off on the idle speed screw, everything dies. There is a terrible screaming sound coming from the front half of the engine. It could be a belt thing, but I'd bet y'all are going to tell me this sound is a vacuum leak. The starter fluid test reveals there is still a slight leak up there, but I'm scared to tighten down the manifolds any further. I have
  4. The engine seems ok under partial throttle. I can run 3500 rpm with 12 inHg vacuum. To run at all, I need to advance the timing as far as the distributor will allow. Idle vacuum readings go from 8 inHg at the 2500rpm condition all the way to almost 0 inHg. It creeps up from ~0 to 2 inHg right before it races back up to 2500 rpm. This has all been done with a "cold" engine in 90-ish degree weather. It sounds like it is surviving on one cylinder at low rpm, but at 3500 and 2500 rpm conditions, I think I hear all 6 cylinders operating. I got the carb and manifold together over ebay. T
  5. I have a clifford manifold and a holley 4 barrel on my '78 with stock internals. MSA headers carry everything away. After cranking, the idle fluctuates between 500rpm and 2500 rpm every 10 seconds or so. (I'm getting these numbers from my tach) The idle slows until the engine almost dies and then revs quickly up to 2500 and then rpm starts slowly falling. The cycle will repeat three or four times until the engine eventually dies. Could someone please explain what might be happening that causes these fluctuations and how I could potentially make this thing work right? I have adjust
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