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  1. Hmm.... 245 whp is less than I had expected. Any ideas? Its not a totally "apples to apples" comparison, but I dyno'd the 4.4L DOHC V8 from a '99 BMW 540i 6-spd I once owned, and it made 262 whp (on a DynoJet 248C). I figured the VH45 would be pretty close, as the BMW M62 is rated at a nearly identical 282 hp. On another note, I purchased a VH45 last week. After being inspired by this thread we're going to attempt this motor swap into a BMW E30 chassis. Got the motor back (its in pieces - mostly going to use this one for mock-up purposes and will get an assembled/running VH45 if this one fits) then weighed it and measured a few things. Here is what we learned: The motor and all accessories weighed in at 514 pounds. Engine width was 28" wide at both the cam covers as well as from the alternator to the oil filter. Zmech - Did you have any issues with the alternator or filter hitting the frame rails in your 300ZX? If so, did you relocate either? Thanks,
  2. I was about to do a Mustang T5 behind a VH45DE and found your great write-up. I'm sending you a PM asking for the adapter plate print. Question: why did you modify the T5 input shaft (and tailhousing?) - just to use the Z32 clutch disc and PP? Couldn't you have used the Z32 pressure plate with a Ford clutch disc, so that the splines on the T5 shaft lined up with the disc, and saved some effort? Just curious.
  3. Check eBay... there's tons of these motors for sale for $500 + S&H. Watch out for the year, because the newer VH41DE (4.1L 1997-2001 Q45) is more common and even slightly cheaper than the older VH45DE (4.5L, 1989-1996 Q45). The earlier 4.5L is worth more because it makes more power (280 hp). Good luck,
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