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  1. yes I believe that too, I have yet to see a pic of the engine or exhaust system but I belived they had to do like a reverse 190 degree headers as to make it sound more American than European, BUT one will certainly be able to change that tone by using a different exhaust system, I wonder if one would have to buy the entire Crate engine or if you already have a modern Coyote now you could do part swaps to convert the engine(including crank, and all that ofcourse)
  2. I really dont like the sound of the car, I think for tricked the exhaust as to sound less european and more american here is the video of the sound
  3. Hey how about a 5.9 Cumins?, I know a guy who want to shoe horn one of these monster diesel Powerplant into a 1977 toyota Celica hatchback, he says he will have tons of low end Grunt.....
  4. thanks again BRAAP friend, check this out, if one is to use a mopar v8 Magnum(based on the LA engine,lots of them) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_LA_engine and use one of this 4 cylinder racing engines crankshafts(based on the V8 Magnum LA engine too) http://www.bpemopar.com/MIDGET.htm http://www.allpar.com/mopar/la4.html and we have our flat plane V 8....(with some custom work ofcourse).. check the flat plane crank shafts on that website, they have 2 types, a fully finish one and one that you can work on to make a custom fit.... Forged Midget Crankshaft This fully machined Midget Crankshaft features 2.000" rod journals for use with generic racing rods, and a 6-bolt generic bolt pattern on the crank flange. 4340 forged steel. *P5007907 Forged Midget Crankshaft-3.075" Stroke (A-4 Block)
  5. I will get the spec on the cranks soon, but now to the Camshaft dilema!! do they have to be custome made? or could I use one of this Midget or marine camshafts(based on the small block V8)? hey MOPAR guys, check this link: here is your FLAT PLANE crankshaft http://www.allpar.com/mopar/la4.html
  6. DUDE you are my HERO... BUT, BRAAAP why haven't you done this yet? or do you already have that custom made less than 3 inch strok crankshaft of yours? I know that when I find one of this I will be restricted to the stock stroke I can find...but any ways I dont plan on spining this past 6.5K and do you think 180 degree headers are need it once you have a flat plane crankshaft engine?
  7. Thank you friend, BRAAAP you are one cool guy, I thank you for your cool idea, many Guys at Midget racing just cut a v8 in half and use all the parts they can to save money, others use race built engines(based on the old chevyII 4cylinder engine) guys like fontana make them check this lik: http://www.fontana-automotive.com/4cylinder.html now GM racing is coming with this cool new engine(based on the SBC), it shares some parts with the R07 NASCAR engine, check this link: http://www.racecar-engineering.com/allarticles/271309/more-than-half-a-v8.html and GM also sells 4 cylinder OHV Vortec engines(also related to the SBC) check this link: http://www.bucksengines.com/gm-30liter.aspx with engines like this I know there must be lots of used crankshafts outthere just waiting for us to use them.....
  8. check this link http://www.bucksengines.com/gm-30liter.aspx with guys like GM building this and alot of Race teams basing their engines in the Chevy II 4 cylinder engine there must be alot of Crankshafts around to be had..........and with some work they should be able to work fine, the idea came to me as one guy said if we could take a 4 cylinder crank and make them work on a V8 since a 4 cylinder crank is basicaly a flat plane crankshaft, but our fried BRAAP here said that it could be hard because those engines are too small hey BRAAP what do you think of this idea?
  9. well, we all know there needs to be custom thing to do, but to me this is the closest thing to a Flat plane I could ever get, plus I don't intend to reve this thing past 6K I just want that cool sound too
  10. NOPE, but I have heard many Midget racing engine are based on the Chevy II engine, wich was very closed related to small blocks, so the dimentions should be close enough, so how hard is to fit 2 rods on one journal?
  11. hey guys, how about using one of those 4 cylinder crankshafts used in midget racing? I have heard they use one of the banks of a domestic made V8(v8 Cut in half) they should have about he same dimentions of a small block crankshafts, how hard can it be to make them work as a v8 flat crankshaft?(they are flat but just for 4 cylinders)
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