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  1. Been reengineering the cooling system. Probably gonna need a looser converter too.
  2. 56 inches if I recall correctly.
  3. Check out the jegs website. They are jegs ladder bars. I wouldn't want to quote you wrong.
  4. Close. Had to hammer to make clearance
  5. Close. Had to hammer to make clearance
  6. Well my current turbo is worn out. It has in-out shaft play as well as up-down. I've noticed max boost has been falling after nearly every run. I made several runs on 12-15-18, first pass max boost was 27psi, next two runs were 25psi. Then raced on saturday 1-5-19, max boost was 24psi. That's when i decided something must be wrong and gave the turbo shaft the wiggle test. Please explain the "quick spool valve". Thanks.
  7. Thanks. The borg warner 177281 comes with an open .88ar turbine housing. I can't find one for that model any smaller. I had a .82ar on my tc4305 and spool was around 4500rpm which is a little late for 1/8 mile drag racing. The BG turbine wheel is bigger and would technically be heavier and harder to spin but it seems also that it would drive the compressor wheel more easily? I guess the L28 is too antiquated to find someone actually drag racing one with the BG turbo lol. So I guess I'll be the guinea pig. The 2jz and rb guys use them frequently but I don't think those engines compare. As for injectors yeah I just upgrade from 550cc to 750cc. Went from 95% duty cycle to around 85% so They may need upgraded again.
  8. I guess I did something right.
  9. a datalog and a screenshot of that datalog 2018-12-15_15.48.43.msl
  10. Drag racing (1/8 mile), my current garrett tc4305 has worn out. Would like something bigger. I'm leaning toward a borg warner because I can get a new one for less than $600. Car is a gutted 280zx. Ford explorer 8.8" rear with ladder bars. Drag radials, th350 trans with brake hughes 4500 stall converter. Engine is mostly stock internals. 7.4:1 compression, arp rod bolts, mild port cleanup on the p90a. Isky L6 cam .540" lift 236 duration @.050". Has a custom built intake manifold and header, intercooler, ms2,..etc. The car has ran 6.74@99mph @22psi. And somehow pulled out 115mph on a test run. 60ft averages 1.50 but has done 1.45. I was looking at part number 177281 or 177283. I know the compressor will make the power but will it spool up quickly. My current turbo is basically a 60-1 with .63 hot side. Launching at 16psi and hitting 25 psi in .6 seconds. I can post up some datalogs. I just need to make sure the bigger turbo will spool up quickly. Thanks.
  11. I installed a 8.8" into an s130. There's a write-up here in this section.
  12. No more clunking when turning, no more whining. 4.11 gear ratio feels more responsive. A lot more solid feeling since there's no more rubber bushings.
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