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  1. Great. I've got a brand new replacement radiator from my 76' 280Z that I was thinking of using in my 75' 280Z that is getting a 350/700r4 in the coming weeks. Glad to know that it is working well for you. Saves me some cash on the swap
  2. Did you use the stock Z radiator? If so how has it been performing so far?
  3. 1975 280Z---- Gutted currently to recondition entire unibody, will eventually house a 327 SBC. WIP for 9 years now and I don't care if it takes another 10 to finish her 1976 280Z---- Rebuilt 1975 2.8 Motor with Arizona Z Car 4-Barrell Holley Carb conversion..... runs like a champ for those considering it. Finishing up the MM rear disk brake conversion and she will be back on the road, in the always fashionable primer gray though
  4. M10x1.25 in case anyone needs to know in the future.
  5. I need to know what size nut the fits the studs on the stock 280z manifolds. Specifically the nuts that hold the downtube to the manifold. I need to purchase replacements to mount my new exhaust system and this is the last thing holding me up. Thanks in advance for the help guys.
  6. I am just swapping a used motor into my 76 280Z, I found a good deal on a 83 turbo motor. Will the stock 4 speed tranny bolt up fine or am I going to run into problems with the clutch and flywheel?
  7. Which model cam were you using (specs ect.)?
  8. Has anybody used one of their cams? I saw one on ebay that was a good deal but I am unsure whether or not it is to radical for street use: 270/280 duration with .460 lift Please help. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the responce so far guys. As far as a TPI motor was concerned I was going to get high flow runners from Street & Performance, and a larger throttle body, and my plan was to use the Megasquirt system to control it. And I am not quite as worried about the high revs since its probably going to be a automatic and definately a daily driver that will see alot of hwy miles. But definately keep the thoughts coming this is a big help And also as far as astetic go TPI wins hands down
  10. Hey guys i recently ran across a good deal on a LT1 Motor and tranny out of an 93' Z-28, My original plan was to build a TPI motor. I was just wondering about your thought on one vs the other. Thanks for the input
  11. any idea if the 74-87 Chevy pickup engine mounts will bolt up to a 307 Olds engine? If so that would help me alot in moving forward in my conversion. At least I would know a point to start from as for as mounting was concerned. And the 455 Olds idea sounds like a great plan if those dimensions are accurate, maybe something i could try later once my v-8 breathes life into my 75' 280z again
  12. any idea why the remanifactured engine site linked above would state that that engine would work as a replacement for all of those different makes and models of cars? and i am not really worried about the original manifolds since i plan on replacing them with headers anyway
  13. I recently got a 1985 Olds Delta 88 with a 307 v-8 and 200r4 tranny for my donor car for my 1975 280Z I am converting and am wondering whether or not the mounts on the 307 are the same as a SBC. I plan on using the JTR kit but I want to make sure it will work before I order it, because if it wont I will simply fabricate the parts myself. Also if anyone knows if the heads from/for the Olds 350 engines will fit the 307 (it has terrible flow ratings from what i have found). Or if anyine knows of a good Oldsmobile forum they could direct me too that would be great. And one other thing when I look up the engine online under a rebuilt engine site it says that engine will work in cars from 1985-90 such as the Buick Lasabre, BUICK REGAL LIMITED, 1986 CHEVY CAPRICE CLASSIC, 1988 PONTIAC SAFARI, 1986 PONTIAC PARISIENNE, and there are about 40 more on the list i will put the link below if any of you want to check it out. So far I have been able to confirm the the block does have a high nickel content which is good, also it has the same stroke as a 327 so if I bore it out and swap the pistons I could have a pretty decent 327 on my hands, and since I plan on using it as a daily driver the 200r4 should work out great and I can definately deal the the .67 OD gear with my stock 3.54 R200 diff. Basically I am just looking for a confirmation from those who know a bit more than myself. Thanks in advance for any input you all can offer, Here is the link for the remanifactured engine and all the different makes and models it will fit http://www.rebuilt-auto-engines.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_prod.html?p_prodid=229&p_catid=111
  14. It is an Olds 307 which from what I've found is just a very slightly punched out 305 SBC, but otherwise they are completely identical but if you know anywhere I can find more solid info about the engine and tranny please let me know. thanks
  15. I was in WV with my girlfriend of a few years over this past holiday weekend and her parents had a 1985 Olds Delta 88 sitting beside their shed w/o tags. I asked what their plans were for it and they said it was pretty well trashed and couldn't pass inspection anymore because of exhaust, rust, wipers, bad wiring in the brake and turn signal lights ect.. I asked about the engine and tranny and they said it ran like a top and drove great when they last had it on the road in 2002. New engine was put in 40k ago. So her father and I took out about a gallon of gas and poured it in ( they had even drained the gas and run it dry when they parked it). turned the key and she fired right up. Its got a 307 SBC topped with a 4 bbl carb, backed by a 200r4 with .67 OD gear from what I've found. even has A/C and cruise. And best of all it had the perfect price---Freebie!!! Told me it was all mine if I could use it. So my 1975 280Z will be getting life forced back into it this spring. But for the time being I will have to continue to settle for my 76' 280z daily driver I bought a few weeks ago ( another good deal rust free undercarriage only problem was a faulty fuel pump and bad ground on the FI harness, it fired right up with new gas after sitting for 4 years price $525). I'm sure I will be back with plently of posts once I dive in head first with the conversion in a few months after the paint and interior are finished. So I am going to thank everyone on this page in advance since you all have helded so many in the past including myself and for the help I am going to need once I start troubleshooting. Thanks again and wish me luck
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