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  1. You say that you ran 1.5 G that's great on Hoosiers but what would you run on street tires with that same setup?
  2. What was your setup and where did you get the pieces etc.
  3. Can you PM me your setup and where you got the parts please.
  4. 1978 280z s30 chassis. 5spd r200 stub axles still. Was going to do the wolf CV shafts etc.
  5. I just finished helping a friend build a mk1 audi tt 1.8t 225 quattro. I have driven many awd cars and rwd cars hard, very hard. The z i have has been on the back burner over the last 3 years because, life, etc. I have been building a small block with AFRs etc etc, 700r4 build with manual valve body etc. I wanted to get your opinions on this, I have been throwing it up in the air. Obviously awd is going to get better traction, but even with the best awd it pushes a little (it has a controller but still pushes rather than rotates a tad.) Do i have any hope of getting real world, not perfe
  6. Has anyone used this guy with any luck? http://www.datsunzparts.us/
  7. Just as the topic states i am looking for a full tilt glass (carbon or other) front end for my 78 s30. Also, does anyone have a good source for fiber glass parts other than "the z store"? vega-
  8. So there is LOTS of science FICTION on how to bend space time. Lots of different proposed (mostly bs) ideas. Now I am no nuclear physics phd albeit I do have a wealth of knowledge that applies to what I know. That last sentence is complicated seeing that I know nothing about anything nor does anyone else. We can only prove the science to a point. You don't even know that I exist. WHOO lets not go down that path eh? Back on point. We have a lot of assumptions in science. One thing I am leaning toward is a theory about things on a nuclear level to bend space time. What if gravity is just a side
  9. I was told to create a new thread so here it is. This is all in relation to a 90 degree v8 I am looking for the highest frequency/note/tone/pitch I can get. I very much enjoy the higher, crisper, cleaner sound the european v8 makes. I hate with a passion the rumble of the harley/dumptruck American v8. I have heard flowmasters on these cars. I don't know if it was the particular flowmaster series or what. But that m3 was a dumptruck. I am trying to avoid that. I do not need to be informed about flatplane cranks vs crossplane. I am lost in design at this point. I have a few options as I see i
  10. I have been doing a surplus of research in the header design area and this fella, one Andrew Nelson came up with a set of 180* headers for his v8 260z! If ANY of you know him or know how to get a hold of this guy please fill me in! http://www.hotrod.com/featuredvehicles/hrdp_0802_homebuilt_heros/viewall.html The closest thing I have found was the stahl "360 degree" header - now I am not sure the difference in 360 degree than 180 degree but I am rather positve its pretty much the same... http://www.lincolnvscadillac.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=749&stc=1&d=108
  11. Just as the title says I am looking for a set of tri-y headers that have been arranged for the 4-7 swap on an sbc. Shoenphield says their headers do work with the 4-7. Preferably they would be hugger shorty tri-y equal length primary tubed arranged for the 4-7 swap. Otherwise any good custom header builders in MN usa?
  12. Well i posted links- the best sound ever is eisenman exhaust on a f10 m5
  13. The neck dimensions of the helmholts matter also not just the chamber itself.
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