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  1. John, I would like to do the VH45DE Swap and have the engine being removed from the 1992 donor vehicle. Would appreciate corresponding with you on the project

  2. Hi, glad you like it.

    The engine was bored to 5l, custom slipper pistons and rods, cams reground and head work.

    Loads of info on http://www.300zx-club.com, members project area, thread: Project why did you do that you fool!


    Have a look and give me a shout back at JohnDixon300@blueyonder.co.uk


  3. hey john i watched the video of your car 500zx...i love the sound on downshift...i would like to do the swap myself...i have the car, and the engine but i'm looking to get the engine built would love to do carbon copy of your engine build and what was done to the engine how is she running and anything you would have done differently.....

  4. Cheers, never liked the old lights either. You'd be amazed how much abuse I've had for changing them though! It's the stock Z32 box.
  5. Cheers all. It's the Z32 manual box. There are some details of the exhaust here: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=141464
  6. Another vid of the 500zx, bit of a compilation. Prob be the last one until I get to the dyno as it's still only locked to about 60% throttle and 7k rpm at the minute. Shame the video camera doesn't really capture the sound properly though, on the drive by, it sounds immense when you're actually there! Proper spine tingling!
  7. Cheers all, yes, it feels damn good after so long!! Will get some better video and dyno results soon hopefully. Mufflers are all custom, see here: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=141464
  8. Woo Hoo!!! Finally on the road Taxed and tested today, straight through MOT and have done about 2 hours driving running in. No leaks and nothing caught fire or fell off so a success as far as I'm concerned! First impressions: Front suspension geometry is miles off, makes for interesting cornering. Engine is bloody responsive, mapping very crude just now but even so, the throttle response is almost telepathic and it pulls VERY well as far as I have tried it. Car feels much more alive with all the solid mounts etc. There is no slack anywhere. The V8 sound is awesome! Quick (poor) vid here:
  9. No, just the old liners bored out and these fitted instead. Still ali around them, they're not very thick.
  10. Cheers! No, not coil packs, was an issue with the ECU firmware! It's a VH45DE nissan motor bored out to 5.0l, 12:1CR, big cams etc.
  11. Was done here in the UK by CTM/Big Jim Racing. Think the liners were dalton items.
  12. Back on 8 Will get some video but my neighbours were starting to get annoyed! Apparently it shakes the plates in the cupboards.
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