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  1. Thanks guy's. I appreciate it. Wanting to get this ball rolling this winter but want to make sure i do all the research first. I know its going to be expensive but worth it.
  2. Im looking to buy a rb25 in my not to distant future. just wondering if anyone has a place of recommendation. closest to Portland Or. would be best. But i suppose that may not matter as long as the place is of good reputation. also a friend of mine says watch out for places that ship from canada. Just curious. If anyone has any advice i would appreciate it. Thank you.
  3. making some progress. i supose.

  4. The part number is A31-060 001. not sure what the price should be?
  5. ok. so my 280 doesnt run. looking for a air flow meeter. If i move the flapper when someone tries to start the car. it stumbles and almost starts. wich is more then its ever has done before.
  6. im in Sandy Oregon. zip code 97055. let me know the cost and how you want payment. or if you just want to call i can give you my number.
  7. sounds good you know it works for sure, sorry had to ask. and whats the shipping? thats music to my ears man.
  8. I need a furl injection ecu for my 1977 280z non catalyst car. ecu numbers are A11-600 000. thanks.
  9. ok, sooo. im looking for a computer part number A11-600 000. if anyone has one that would be awesome.
  10. sorry guy's i made a mistake. the meeter actually checks out good. its either coroded wiring or faulty ecu. im at a loss. getting frustrated.
  11. I have a 1977 280z. looking for a Air flow meeter. part number A31-060 001. let me know. I live in sandy Or.
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