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  1. I mounted it that way due to clearance issue and the adapter bolts on to the stock drum brake's mounting holes. I cut a hole in the center console where the ashtray is located and ran the lines through there straight down to the rear calipers. I don't have a picture of the e-brake yet but I will try to take some pictures when I have time.
  2. This is my first post on here so let me know if I did anything wrong. Here is one of the mods that I have been working on for my 240z and would like to share it with other members or possibly try it yourself. I picked up the Brembo rear calipers for $100 and hoping I could make an adapter for it to fit the rear. For the rotors, I used the evo 8 rotors (~300mm) and drilled them into 4 lugs pattern then installed as a free flowing rotor instead of bolting on like the stock one. It cleared my rota 17" RB-R rims and the coilovers but I don't think they will clear with stock suspension and wheels. For the e-brake, I change the stock one to hydraulic e-brake that I bought on ebay which was about $53. The quality of the e-brake is not bad for the price and performance wise it gets the job done. For the adapter, I used two 1/2" thick 8"x5" 6061 solid aluminum flat bar to make the adapter which I bought on ebay for $12 each. I thought about using mild steel but this should be strong enough. This whole setup cost no more than $250,if you can find the caliper for cheap then I think it's way more superior and affordable than the single piston rear brake conversion out there. All the tools I used for this were a jigsaw with the help of cutting oil and a drill. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this or my project. I should have more pics of my project posted on here soon once I have the time. Pretty much all custom work done by me from mil-spec harness to aluminum dash.
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