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  1. I have a '78 280Z with the original six still in. I'm familiar with all the sixes, and truthfully, I'm also familiar with sbc's because I previously owned a '89 camaro w/ a sb v8. However, I'm not so familiar with the whole v8z swap thing, and I probablly wouldn't be on here today if I hadn't recently aquired a 305 short block. So I ask you guys, has there been anyone that has done a 305 swap? Now I know that the 305 doesn't have that much potential as far as sbc's go, but I was thinking about making it into either a 302 or 307 like the old base model camaros in the 60's or like the race cars
  2. Well, my car('78 280Z) is still not running, even after I put a new feul pump on it. See, it won't start, well... it will with starting fluid in the intake, but only for a short time. So I figured that it was the fuel pump, because I am getting spark, but no fuel. Well, two days ago I installed the fuel pump, but it was a no. The only thing I can think that is still a problem would be the fuel pump relay. Also, my friend Tyler is trying to scare me with the idea of my valves being burnt because my exhaust is cut short. He says that his '70-something VW van's valves are burnt really bad from hi
  3. Yeah I know that this thread has to do with why my car is out of commission in the last thread, but i hadda ask... are there any s30 z's involved with drifting? Do any s30's compete anywhere? Also, are there any jdm performance shops (that are actually IN Japan) that sell performance parts for s30's? I would really like to get my hands on a jdm exhaust or some coilovers or something. just wondering...
  4. Hashi


    Yeah, i know, it has been a while... but now i'm back. well here's the story... I was doing some drifting (wich i know is stupid anyways but that's another story), and I popped a tire. My car (78 280Z) was running when I got out to check out the tire. I shut the car off, changed the tire, and tried to start the car. It wouldn't turn over, and my fuel was pretty low, so I thought that I might be out of gas. I put about a gallon or so in, and my fuel gauge read slightly over a quarter of a tank, but my car still wouldn't start. After a little trouble shooting, I found that if I put starting flui
  5. ...thanks anyways guys...but i really didn't wanna start a fight here, only useful info... but you guys did help out a lot, and the feedback i got was exactly as expected so...thanks!!!
  6. I see all these guys running carbs more so than I do turbos lately, and so I inevitably have a question. Can I make more horsepower/torque running carbs (like triple webbers or triple mikunis or the ones that look like ITB's) than I would on my fuel injected l28e? Is there a conversion kit of some kind or an easy way to do this? Also, I heard that a carburreted engine has this kinda different growl to it. Is this true? I mean to tell you guys the truth, I know nothing about carburretors, I don't even know if I'm spelling it right, but I do know that the muscle cars of the 60's and 70's did hav
  7. Thanks to all of you. I am now that much closer.
  8. Hey does anyone know if there is an importer that sells fairlady z motors? I mean like the 2.0 432 r's with the dual over head cams, etc. If not, does any importers sell any other fairlady motors that are available? My goal is to do a successful Fairlady Z 432R conversion. I don't have to have the exact motor but everything else will aesthetically be the same minus the g-nose. Oh yeah, and i want an exhaust that looks like the kind that companies like JIC Magic and like HKS' Hi-power exhaust systems that also has the benefits of theirs and same similar design as well. Is there any out there or
  9. Hashi


    Is there any way to go fast on a N/A 280z l28e motor without doing a full engine build? Well, see I don't have that much time to do like a swap or anything and I could just do some turbocharging, but I only wanna achieve like 200-250 horsepower to the wheels right now anyways, so I'm wondering if there's any way to achieve these numbers w/o doing a whole engine swap or build up. Understand that I have two jobs and school with virtually no life.
  10. Thanks guys for all of your help. You guys really helped out!
  11. Hey guys... I was looking on some websites and saw some really crazy jdm stuff. I was shocked and amazed. So, to get to the point, what I wanna know is...does anyone know where I might be able to get my hands on some rare or Japanese-only wheels? I saw some "Sakura" wheels, and of course the watanabe's and ssr's and work wheels, and even some panda-style wheels (the spokes were its ears, arms, and legs, and its face was the center cap)!!! The panda wheels and especially the Sakura (I do know for a fact that is the real name of the wheel, I just don't know the manufacturer) wheels really intrig
  12. Hey... I was told that I could convert my L28e to a L28et by using some parts off an L28et by John Taylor (Jtaylor? I met him (you) at Bruno's? It's Ross...). Is it possible? I mean not that I'm doubting you at all John, but I was told that my pistons were too flat. However, John told me that they are indeed dished to a degree, and that the slightly higher compression could be a good thing. The way I figure, it is basically the same engine, but with slightly higher compression, so it could be done, and John said it has many times...but will it be as reliable as an L28et? Will it last as long b
  13. Guys... is there, by any chance, an individual throttle body setup for an L28e? What about a supercharger? If so... I think I just found my new goal... if not, I found an L28et that includes the full engine(turbo and all), tranny, ECU, and harness for like $700, but I think I can get it for $600. Mmm... think of those ITBs singing...
  14. Wow... I really didn't mean to start an argument here... but all of it was helping me out. I'm definitely going to do some suspension/brake upgrades to make the car safer, but it's in really good condition already. I mean, I'm the 3rd owner, the first bought it new, sold it after a while and the second owner stored it in his garage for something like, 18 years. I was told that it only has 19,000 and some odd miles, "original miles," but I use original in context because I'm not sure if I believe him, even if it runs beautifully.
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