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  1. I have found this zed car and i will be bringing this bad mamma jamma back to life. im kinda just wingin it so any input will be greatly valued. ive had it about a month. its been sitting for 5yrs long story short i got it running with a new fuel pump and i diagnosed a blown gasket. So im going in for an overhaul with some boosting in sight. nothing crazy... im thinkin about 10-15psi. Mega squirt2 efi. Any recommendations on injectors? im gonna run it n/a for a bit untill i have the money to install and tune a turbo. I want a nice flexible engine with power and durability. How is the 4spd tranny? This car will probably be going on some dirt roads to so im not to interested in super high top ends just good accell, stability and control. as of today im about to take the head off. check the pix
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