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  1. Hey AMAZING car man! Quick question, the Megan coilover you have are for an s13? Would you happen to have the part #?
  2. How much would you be willing to sell the brake and clutch pedal unit for? My car is currently an automatic so i think i would need the entire unit, unless im wrong?
  3. I need a brake clutch pedal unit for a transmission swap I'm planning to do., its a 280zx 5 speed going into a 260z, this is my first swap of any kind so if there is anything I need to know id appriciate any advice given Thanks
  4. I have a 1974 260z (automatic) and thinking about putting in a 350 small block chevy, however I do not know if the 700R auto-transmission from the donor car will fit in mine. I want to use this tranny because I already have it, its in good condition and it has overdrive. So can anyone tell me if its possible to use the 700R and if not what transmissions would fit?
  5. ha thats crazy. im not farmiliar with the backseat of a z. are those speakers up near the back or down near the legs:weird:
  6. i don't really know what to call this or even how to explain it, so i will give an example. i was looking for fun/cool little things to do to my 260z.Ex; i wired my front turn signal light and my sidemarker light together so they would alternate when i am signaling... stuff like that so if you have done have any ideas please share them.
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