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  1. Looking for a 240z fiberglass/carbon hood and/or fiberglass bumpers. I am located in the San Francisco bay area. Thanks, Chris
  2. Looking for a 240z ebrake handle. The plastic on mine has cracked. Thanks, Chris
  3. Hello, Looking for a pair of window regulators (without glass). Would need to have unstripped splines for the window crank and be in general working order. Also looking for a drivers side door handle with the hardware down to the lock (push rod, handle, and hinge thing). Please send PM shipment or pickup would be in nor Cal. Thanks, Chris
  4. Flat plane? That'd be new... they got a way to go on the specific output to hit that power.
  5. That was before the bubble. $600 in 2010 isn't $600 now. I get the point though, and I do regret letting it go if for nothing more than the fact that its a hassle shipping that stuff around. Thoughts on the one piece version?
  6. Yikes! $2200 a good deal? I regret selling my two piece gnose for $600. You can buy a one piece here for $650, but I don't like the flare out on the lower edges. Guess I could cut it and trim. http://zforceproductions.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50&Itemid=68
  7. Want to buy a G nose for an S30. Please send PM. Thanks!
  8. Yeah its been a while, thanks for the welcome!
  9. Yeah. My 335i makes 500 crank horse off 3L 10:1 with stock cats, an intercooler, a tune, and 50% mix of E85. Can do more but the turbos wouldn't last as long. Direct injection is amazing.
  10. That's awesome. We would need a FRPP stand alone for the DI also since very few standalones support that. I don't think this is the platform for it since the power would be too much, but a 5.0L DI with E85 and twin turbos would be... well into the 1,000 hp range on over 10:1 CR.
  11. I just got my Ford 302 running and drove it for the first time this weekend. It was awesome, but got me thinking about the current gen of motors. I can't seem to figure out how to hyper link here, but there is a good article on Hotrod Magazine's website that talks about swapping the Coyote motor. I think it would fit being only 5" wider than an SBF. On my car I have already relocated the oil filter and put a U-Joints in the steering shaft. The oil pan may be a concern, but that is an easy fix. Very interesting indeed. Too bad it isn't direct injected though. If it had direct injection, that would be the icing on the cake.
  12. Wow. Terrible news. Bought the first parts for my car from him when I was 15 now 10 years ago (coil overs) and for the first time this past weekend we drove it. Really saddened to hear this. Rest in peace.
  13. I am in. I have the JSK rears and stupidly got rid of my parking brake mechanicals under the car. What would I need cable wise to get this to work? Can you confirm those are 12.2"x0.81" disks (my calipers are Forged Billet Superlites and look different than yours)? Thanks for taking the lead on this. 1. Rudypoochris 2. 3. 4. 5.
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