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  1. i gotta find out what key text i'm looking for because "Hall Sensor/Coil(-) and VR Sensor Ignition Trigger Components (jumpered for Hall sensor, optical sensor, points, or fuel only using negative coil input- you can reconfigure for any input you like)" sounds like the ignition mapping i want but it goes on to say that the firmware is updateable to -Ignition Control, distributor-based and distributorless (DIS) systems - there is a slot for mounting one BIP373 coil driver, not included, or you can order a heat sink for mounting up to six BIP373s. 12x12 Volumetric Efficiency (VE) and Ignition Tables" man this stuffs complicated
  2. no i've never heard of adaptronics or vipec . are they easier to use ? with some of the programmable units on the bottom of this page does it really become a matter of just software after that?- http://www.diyautotune.com/catalog/megasquirt-complete-c-25.html?osCsid=3eb5b22d44ec231321e743bf6f5ad22d . the car gets plenty of driving and i dont want something that i constantly have to tweak , i want something that runs one setup with mapping and all efficiently i'll work in wideband 02 sensors later but alot of the $300-375 range units im looking at have no ignition mapping . and although this ones a good price i wonder if its sketchy http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Megasquirt-2-v3-0-Ecu-w-black-case-Engine-harness-/250671371617?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a5d2d9561#ht_500wt_1182
  3. or like a direction to narrowing this down lol , sorry if i'm not using my tools best i'm not all over forums or havent been for a while
  4. also i've been eyeing these two items on ebay i want to learn everything over time but have something functional and better running right now , for like a upgrade over faulty stock and for better effieciency . i just need it to have the features mentioned above and this one even has the 12x12 board on it , v3.0 , i believe wide band , i'm not sure exactly on how to recognize the components that allow for later boosting from the components used for pin point tuning .. so to make it all clear -Wide band O2 sensors -a resolve for the power relay board such as how too's or if its included in this unit -a fan that can get mapped in there -turbo use later down the road -spark management -how to achieve that well of a tune, http://www.megamanual.com/MSFAQ.htm#switch -and maybe how to map it simplest yet effecient for a 1976 280z thats pretty much stock
  5. thats alot to take in , i have moderate soldering skills but that was a great place to start i'm still looking , how much does a basic wide band setup run . idk if any of yall have experience with the megasquirt and spark , that wide band and maybe running a dual fan setup. just getting a ball park before i dive in . i Appreciate the education everyone
  6. well i'm leaning towards megasquirt though , anyone got a lil crash course they can share about it , or which components i need to have gathered the whole setup. what systems on a stock L28 it manages. ballpark cost , cheaper simpler alternatives, anything like that would be great . dont worry about over complicating , the more info the better
  7. I Have a 1976 280z , i wanna uprgade from the factory ecu , but i want a ecu that can be reprogrammed from the initial setup i'll be using which is n/a to the 270-300 hp turbo setup sometime next year, something not to hard to operate and preferably not brake the bank expensive. i'm an intermediate mechanic but have some also rather decent mechanically inclined friends. anybody have any suggestions , i'm leaning towards megasquirt . i'd appreciate the help and any advice i can get . thank you all in advance
  8. thing is i've never heard or messed with a megasquirt system . how easy are they to use for a novice or should i leave it to an expert on em
  9. what kind of ecu upgrade should i have in mind?
  10. i originally just wanted it for throttle softness plus i heard the motors run pretty restrictive from factory but i'll try some alternatives first , any idea what that aforementioned part i circled and anyways to do away with it?
  11. whats cheaper ? turboing a l28e or buying the entire setup out've another car i'm thinking the first since its got n42 heads which supposedly react well to fairly typical amounts of boost like 12-16lbs
  12. i'll give that a try in the meantime thanks
  13. gotcha , i'm saying that i already have the 60mm TB and wish to get some different variations of how do it maybe including one on how to get rid of some of the linkage towers because they are so damn stiff and makes the pedal blurp onto the gas because of it, unlike with the throttle by wire and do you happen to know what that [art in question was?
  14. well i already picked it up , i'm all over the rest of that process though , no need to run a small TB if i got a bigger one right? lil extra air supposedly helps with throttle response plus the stock unit is wayyyyyy bulky the circled part is of course not the TB but it is a part i wanted to do away with if i can
  15. thanks alot that was exactly what i was looking for , i even found a couple reference build videos , i still dont know how to do that 60mm TB cable to solid linkage towers conversion . i got a 60mm off an s14 and but the conversions missing details and i have no idea what that big bulk of metal thats between the air filter box and the TB . it looks restrictive either way . any ways to do away with it?
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