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  1. Its been a while- Built a 3" exhaust and modified the collector- gained 10hp from 3200 to 5200rpm... Even though I only attend shows, but learned something. Will start a new thread as big red will be pulled out of the warehouse next week..
  2. Hi Folks, My favorite style wheels are the Hoshino G5 and Longchamps. Here's a picture of my z about 15 years ago. It handled horribly due to the flexing of sidewall and I removed them. Wheel size 15x9f and 15x10r. Correct tire sizes are very difficult to come by nowadays and I'm opting to build this styling in a 3 piece wheel as well as the longchamps. In addition, my BBK will not fit inside a 15" barrel. I've CAD modeled both wheels and having and FEA analysis done before we machine the centers. My design will be 16" face with stepped lip to fit 17" tires. Feel free to post or email me. I'm always busy and don't frequent the forums too often. Hooverc@turbohoses.com
  3. Hey Folks, It's been a while. I've been gathering parts to rebuild the red z in the avatar; I am removing the big IMSA flares. A customer bought my exhaust and I'm going to reinstall my 3" stainless exhaust since I don't have a lot of time nowadays for extra work. I'll post pics of this shortly. I'm also making a post on old school wheels that I'm remachining.
  4. Did some More Minor tuning, but still needs a bit of TLC.
  5. Hi Folks, I finally broke on the way to Cars and Coffee. I made it 15 times consecutively and simply blew a fuse. My Lotus customer picked me up. Lots of people headed to the show recognized the car and pulled over, but I had tow truck in the way. Still went to the show in another car since I live only 2 minutes from the location. All in all, It was Rather funny!
  6. Drove home in the rain. The windshield wiper motor worked better and better during the duration of the drive home.....must have knocked the rust off that too.....
  7. Cleaned up engine bay, but exhaust header work will be next week.
  8. Made good use of the day. Andy Craig (Datsun Z auto-X and road race champion) came in and worked on my car while I took care of customers and day to day work load. Feels good that all the big boxes of parts were finally being installed.
  9. Boxes of parts have arrived, but I lack the space and he time for even simple work......
  10. It's been a widebody all its life. Hard to drive as wheel offset really aren't right which affects scrub radius, bump steer and bearing loads. I'll keep the flares and body got memories. Boxes of parts arrived yesterday from MSA and few other sources. It was like Xmas.
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