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Fuel adjustment for stock EFI?


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I'm about to get a 3.1L project running and know that stock EFI is not optimal. I ran into the item listed below and am curious about it. The question is whether there's anything valid about using this type of device, or if it can't make a complex enough 'map' to run as well as something else. I certainly have doubts about such a 'quick fix' solution, and am interested in whether anyone here has actual experience with one. Outside that, I'm leaning toward SDS, at this point.






Quote from ad:


"The old L-Jetronic system is an analog fuel injection system. This means it has no software to chip, flash, or reprogram. It can not take advantage of the mass air flow conversion kits out there as they only work on digital systems. With an old analog system like L-Jetronic, it's all in the hardware. For years those of us wanting to change the fuel curves on L-Jetronic cars had few choices. One popular choice was sending the ECU to a specialist for adjustments. This cost about $400 and involved a certain amount of risk to the ECU as the units are very delicate when they are apart. Hairline cracks in the boards and loosened solder joints were common on these boxes. The worst part was you had to send it back in every time you made a big change to the motor. Finally someone has an inexpensive and ADJUSTABLE solution.


Our new product allows excellent control of the fuel system. It DOES NOT make L-Jet as good as a modern injection system like Gotech, SDS, Motec, etc. However it does allow enough control over the fuel curve to handle about 5 pounds of boost with stock fuel injectors and 10 pounds with Stage 2 injectors.


If you want to avoid the hassle of upgrading to modern injection. Or you just feel comfortable with the reliability of the stock injection system then this product is for you.


Two factors can be adjusted. You can control exactly when the system signals the ECU to send in more fuel and you can alter how much extra fuel is added. The amount of fuel is not infinitely adjustable however we include 25 settings which will provide enough range of adjustment for almost everyone. The device on my car is set to trigger at 5500rpm and adds enough fuel to handle 10 pounds of boost on my 2.5 with Stage 2 injectors. Without the device the car starts to lean out at 5500 rpm and would be dangerously lean by 6000 rpm. Now at 5500 the car accelerates noticeably harder and the mixture stays in line up to 6500+ rpm.


Installation is simple and only requires one wire on the car to be cut. It does not require removal of the ECU, soldering or anything else. It's very small and can be hidden anywhere. Even in plain view nobody notices it."

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I would recommend a true standalone system. That way, the money you spend on your 3.1 will last with a good tune. This just looks like something to trick the ecu into thinking the engine is cold. Look up Hob Switch, I think thats close to what this is. Plus a lot cheaper. IMHO

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