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Turn signals light up when Headlights are turned on.

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So every time I turn on my headlights, or even side skirt lights, the turn signals light up and stay lit. Also the turn signal function it self, doesn't work with the lights turned on or off. I don't hear the turn click from the relay or anything either.

I looked at the wiring diagram, and it might be that, since the side skirts share a line with the turn signals- they go to the emergency flasher, that somehow it's tripping the turnsignals on. Especially since the emergency flasher doesn't work. perhaps it's a crossed wire, or something wrong within the flasher that makes this happen? Also my night light that suppose to light up the instruments do not work as well, and I know it's not the fuse.

Would a bad ground cause the turnsignal problem?


I'm trying to make sense of this before i mess with the flasher, since it seems like I can't get to the flasher combo or the turnsignal relays without taking off the dashboard...right? or is there a easier way to reach them?


If anyone has any ideas or have been in this situation, let me know :D

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I would check the front turn signal bulbs (or anywhere else that uses the 1157 dual contact bulb).


Toyotas are notorious for feeding back through a bulb that was installed 180 degrees off.


Or you have a ground that is not working and the car is seeking ground through the other lights.

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