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NisTune (SR20DET Tune)

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I'm just going to start off by saying THANK YOU to the Chris and Mark over at DC Performance!! Those guys are stand up people! I can't recommend them enough if you're looking for a place to get your car tuned. I wish there were more places like this.


On to the car . . .


73' 240Z

SR20DET 94' Black Top

Front Mount Intercooler

Extended Intake with Apexi Filter


GT2871R .64AR

740CC Tomei Injectors

300ZX Fuel Filter

Megan Racing SS Exhaust Header

Greddy Turbo Elbow

3' Exhaust straight pipe to Megan Racing 3.5" Muffler

Stock Bottom End

Stock Head

Stock Head Gasket

Nis-Tune Onboard DaughterBoard

Apexi ACV-R Boost Controller

Walbro 255 Fuel Pump

Nismo FPR

BKR7E Plugs at 0.32"


Well, this thing was a little hard to tune and that makes my love for DC even more so!! We had some problems with my fuel pressure and then a few problems with the MAF (turned out to be my smart ass unplugging the SAFC controller HAHA). But, throughout it all the runs were good and I think we eaked out everything we could. I was largely imnpressed with their work and their easy going attitude. I've never had my car tuned and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome from Chris. (I also noted, that the problem with the boost may have been due to my intercooler piping actually not tightened down all the way. This was my mistake and I felt pretty stupid after getting home and doing my final inspection.)


I couldn't believe how out of their way these guys went. I had my car towed out there by AAA and while I was there they bought me lunch and dinner. (I tried to buy them food but they weren't having it) After all the tuning was completed I called AAA to have my car towed back to my house (Its torn apart and not safe for the road quite yet) but AAA said I was limited to one tow a day for one car! I argued with AAA for about 1 hour, and they wouldn't budge. I was going to have to pay over $300 to have my car towed back to my house!! Then, without even giving it a second thought, Mark offered up a free tow from AAA on his account.


This was not something I was expecting to happen and I INSISTED that they let me buy them a late late dinner. So, 3 In-N-Out #1's later we finally had a AAA tow truck pick up my car and drive me back to my place. I can not tell you how grateful I am to Mark for the free tow, as well as Chris for the awesome work he did.


If you are looking to have any tuning done, I would recommend Dc performance in a heartbeat! They made the entire day a GREAT one and made my first ever tune awesome! Thanks again to you both!

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