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V not a Z


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V for Volkswagen ...I got a free 1984 MK1 Jetta GLI 1.8L 5spd 4cyl. runs and drives, needs a clutch really bad. Ive already replaced the usual to get it running fuel filter, air filter, wires, cap and rotor, cleaned out the airbox and fuel distributor and the fuel tank. This will be my temporary ride to work till i get more funds for a better one later in the year but for now its actually is a fun little car to drive and sips gas. I just gotta find someone who specializes in replacing the clutch on this thing.

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The motors are a pain to take out I Helped my buddy on his 84 GTI Rabbit, we had to unbolt everything lift the front end of the car and drop the motor and tranny, I'm sure you could just drop the tranny though, I'm not sure about the jetta but I know on my buddies car its a really weird set up for the flywheel too, The pressure plate goes on first then the clutch then the flywheel bolts everything together and instead of a throwout bearing you have a long pin that disengages the clutch.

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Free is always good in cars. What's so special about the clutch that makes it a big deal?



Nothing really special about it, I just don't trust my self to work on it. And some shops around here keep insisting it only came with a 1.6 or a diesel, that's kinda like saying there was no other Z except the 240Z then skipped to the 280ZX.

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