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  1. After almost 25 years, still together.
  2. Its been a while since I've logged into HybridZ, latest pictures of my ZXT. [/img] [/img] [/img] Hope everyone is well. Yasin
  3. Will fit all Z cars and 510s, each lug nut has been individually polished, set of 16.$50 and I will pay for shipping.I prefer PayPal (family and friends) to slownrusty@yahoo.comThanks - Yasin
  4. Freshly refinished 14x7 Appliance Wheels, +8mm offset. Polished Outer lips Painted centers in metallic silver Barrels cleaned inside and out No curb rash Straight and true Lots of time have gone into these and a rare set in this condition. Would looks great on a S30, 510 or Roadster. Asking $380 for the set (shipping is extra and will be by FedEx Ground based on your address) I prefer Paypal and my email is slownrusty@yahoo.com Thanks, Yasin
  5. Hello Buddy.

     I am  a new. Member.sir  I was wondering if you have any aftermarket exhaust manifold for sale .one like you posted 2007.

                      Thanks J.(Iceland )

  6. I just had these wheels custom made using old school SSr XR4Z centers and new 17" barrels - three piece.
  7. Yes my car is sitting on coilovers. Rear ET is -13mm
  8. Thanks guys. The wheels are 17x8.5 - Front, 17x9 - Rear. I could have squeezed a 9.5" in the rear but happy with the way with the way they look on the car.
  9. The Datsun is ready to roll! New paint, new wheels, new cooling system, new carpet..just to name a few. My twenty year (20) project...yes I've had it that long.
  10. Thanks guys! It does look "complete" with the hood - no argument there.
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