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chamber design. I'm stuck, please help!


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That is true. I see a lot that are just the same diameter as the exhasut and then some are quite a bit smaller with an expanded chamber at the end. You should test a few configurations and graph it out for us. I like this project. I'm curious what you come up with.


How loud do you want the whole system to be? Something just sporty or really loud? I work with a guy that has a 350 sbc with a mild cam in his '69 Camaro and he has short headers > 2.5" X pipe > Edelbrock SDT > 2.5" Tail pipes. It has a lot of the high strung sound you are looking for. I'll have to measure the tail pipe length for you next time I see it. I think his mufflers are further forward than typical. I probably hear half a dozen different chevy v8s in hot rods every week and this one stands out. It sort of sounds like an audi V8s. Has a nice howl when you rev it and no real lumpiness. Very quiet idle too.

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