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Need help melding 280Z wiper switch with Painless wiring harness


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As the title states, one of the last jobs that I have on the Z is the wipers.  I've searched and read and then searched some more.  


I'm using a 21 circuit Painless wiring harness, but am getting no where with the wipers.  I'm also doing the Honda wiper upgrade at the same time, and have it wired through a relay as instructed in the honda wiper upgrade thread.  I'm not sure if I'm not understanding the Datsun wiring correctly or what, but I've wired it based on what others have done and I'm just popping fuses and not getting anything.

Here's what searching has turned up:  (there are conflicts between the different posts about which wire is which)


Blue/White & Blue/Red = Windshield washer

Yellow/Green = Wiper power feed

Red/Blue = High Speed

Yellow/Black = Low Speed

Blue/Yellow = Intermittent

Black = Ground


The Painless Harness has only one wiper feed wire (#905 - Blue). 


I have the Painless feed wired to Yellow/Green.  As soon as I turn it on, I blow the fuse.  Would someone set me straight on this?  Do I have it wired wrong?

Thanks for your help,



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