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Ignition Timing "Advance"

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Hello All, I have a N/A 1977 280z (N42 head, N42 Block). When setting the oil pump shaft in the car, does the notch on the crankshaft pulley need to point directly to zero on the little reference plate? because on the hood of my car is a sticker that says that it should point at "+10".  I have searched around for the answer with no avail. The car does not seem like it wants to start at all. This is after a head gasket swap.


Also: is it possible that after so long the rubber in the puller goes bad and gives an inaccurate TDC?

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I've actually been searching for similar answers on and off all day...unfortunately I've been looking for information about timing marks on the pulley as it relates to ignition timing so I cant give a direct answer.  


Regarding the rubber deteriorating, I've read in a couple of various posts on Hybridz, Zcar, and ClassicZcars about it possibly going bad, giving inaccurate measurements as it relates to timing.  I believe the suggestion was finding TDC on cylinder 1, and making a new mark on the pulley.


Also, anyone want to tell me what the 5 timing marks on the pulley indicate in an L24 style pointer and marks? (single pointer on timing chain cover, 5 grooves on pulley)  I believe they are 5 degree increments, but is it 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 as viewing from the front of the car facing the engine, increasing left to right?  Or is it something different (5, 10, 15, 20, 25)?


BUMP for some knowledge bombs!  Sorry to hijack IncompetentOne, but I believe (hoping) answers may be interrelated. 

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Yes, the engine needs to be at TDC for the #1 cylinder when installing the oil pump. The info on the decal on the hood is for tune-ups and emissions compliance. And yes, the harmonic balancer can fail and slip, causing the timing marks to be in the wrong place. You should find TDC by other means than the factory timing marks to determine if your balancer is good or not.

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