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HybridZ Classifieds Rules


1. Use of the Classifieds is limited to private individuals only. Commercial advertising is not permitted.

2. This is for selling parts/product, but please keep posts to a PG-13 nature.

3. Please be descriptive in your ad title. Ad titles such as “Cleaning out shed!â€, “Misc parts!â€, “Parts Wanted!†“Looking for!†are too vague and will be deleted.

4. When selling an item, you MUST publicly state your asking price and location, or your post will be deleted.

5. No Bidding for items - HybridZ is not an auction site. If a seller posts a fixed price they must sell at that price and not turn the sale into a bidding contest. If a seller posts a link to an auction site the auction must be conducted on that site.

6. HybridZ Classifieds are used to buy parts/product. NOT to tell sellers you can get it cheaper somewhere else. You can place a lower offer to the seller, but statements of "being over price" will not be tolerated.

7. The administrators of HybridZ.org take no responsibility for the conduct of members on this forum.

8. If you place an ad and find later that it has disappeared you can safely assume that you violated one of the above rules.
No notification will be given.

9. Please give your ads at least 5 days between bumps. Frequent bumping such as every day will get your ad deleted!

10. Placing of for sale ads in forums other than the Buy / Sale / Trade sub-forums is prohibited. This includes placing ads in your signature line or other non approved locations.

11. After your item/s have sold, please hide / close your ad.


12. Due to abuse by scammers, only donating members are allowed to post items in the for sale sections. There are NO donation requirements when replying to ads.

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