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Feedback system for the Buy / Sale forums.

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A feedback system has been added to our site to help with transactions within the Buy Sale Trade forums.

1. This is ONLY for feedback on transactions involving the classifieds forums.
2. Feedback ratings will only be view able in posts for members in the Buy/Sale, Vendors and Group Buy sub forums.
3. To view/leave a members feedback outside of those forums you must view their profile and select Feedback at the bottom / left navigation link.
4. You also must enter a link to the thread relevant to the feedback you are giving.
5. You can leave retroactive feedback for transactions that have been completed before we added the feedback system. I would encourage this.
6. I suggest asking for feedback once a transaction is completed. It just a good thing.
7. All feedback is pretty much final and will not be reversed by the admins except in extreme cases. So be sure of the feedback you leave BEFORE you submit it.
8. Abuse of the feedback system will result in a permanent ban from HybridZ.
Any questions/problems please post in the support sub-forum.

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