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I currently have an 1971 240z with SBC 355/Vortec heads, 4:11 R200 diff and 700r4 trans. I used JTR kit for swap and everything is working great.. except for freeway RPM/Speeds. I have T56 trans out of 1995 camaro with everything needed for my swap, but not sure if JTR 700r4 crossmember for 700r4 will fit T56 or if i need to fabricate new crossmemeber. Any input would be appreciated.






Thank you.

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1800-2000rpms @70mph sounds about right with the T56. Which is right out of my cams healthy spot(with carb) so Im constantly using 5th in slower traffic.


The cross member will need to be about 4" farther back for the T56 than the 4L60E/700R4(which is another inch or so farther back than a TH350). It also depends on which T56 you use. There are at least 4 length options in the US. Im using the LT1 style from a late 90's camero. There was a picture somewhere showing the different lengths that helped me a lot when determining if I needed to build a cross member while the 4L60E was still in the car.


The common LT1 and LSx are the same length(different shifter location) but since I didnt use the LSx one with the adapter bits, I couldnt say how much longer it will be. This covers just the Chevy options I think.

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