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  1. Here is my Jig work Im still working on these parts. Mostly I need to box them in, but they will line up with the new position of the front box frame I removed behind the seats.
  2. Yeah, Im knocking that floor back a couple of inches. I spent a few hours cutting up mounts and stuff on the mockup floor. Now I have a good idea where to cut, once I get it squared on the floor pan, Ill jig up some alignment mounts to transfer to my car. What was interesting is the stock S13 brackets that go over the front mount bolts to the floor pan, are nearly identical to what I need if mounted to the outside holes on the ZX floor... But the old box frame isnt needed to mount the sub frame. Ill be cutting it up and moving it back just far enough to mount the interior compartment floor tha
  3. Playing around with geometry on the spare pan and subframe So I dont know about you all, but putting a nice seat in this car and having adequate leg room is an issue. So Im removing the old sub frame box frame, since Ill be installing a new box frame further back... What a pain to get all those spots out, I gave up on the spot weld drill bits and just started going at it with the plasma cutter...
  4. No kit. You'd have to make one yourself. There are a few guys that make custom manifolds out there that incorporate a wastegate flange.
  5. It looks like I need to modify the floor pan for the front diff mount hoop to clear, and both upper control arm mounts. I need to do some measuring to see if the floor pan is the same heights at the mounts for the S13 frame, and modify the new mounts to make the difference up. I did take some pictures from the front view and the frame is currently about 2" from seated to the chassis floor pan, and it appears the frame is clear of the ground(will not hang lower than the frame rails, which is what I was worried about after reading this 260DET? Im not sure how low you would have to be, to be conc
  6. Finally got both subframes in. Spare Floor pan Out with the old Mock up Subframe on Mockup Floor pan.
  7. Do you have any pictures of your work? Ive been working on the motor lately and havent got back on the rear suspension yet. My main goals at the moment are to get the wastegate plumbed up as Im running an external. But Id love to see another version of how the rear sub frame was swapped. Thanks
  8. I hadnt considered how far it would drop from the frame rails(seeing as the stock sub frame hangs no lower than the rails). Thats good to know. Ill have to take some measurements. Im still waiting to get my sub frames shipped up from down south. I have no interest in paying the money that kit wants. Its not that I cant fab up a mount, I totally can, but the to do so vs just buying something thats is well built sometimes wins. I ended up plasma cutting out the whole rear deck box frame with studs from a donor car for mockup purposes. I might chop it up and pull the pins and mounts from that
  9. I took some measurements Turns out those mounts are not going to be the best solution. The sub frame is approx 23" center to center on the rear mounts. After getting the tape measure up there it appears the box frame that incorporates to the the floor frame rails up to the rear box frame structure where mounts are needed is the same width apart and 3-3/8" wide. So these C channel mounts would require that an ear be cut off, and without knowing that the C channel is precisely the same ID of 3-3/8" it seems like a tremendous waste of nearly $200 and that starting from scratch is a much better id
  10. Ive been dying to do a BMW engine plant into an early Z car. This inspires me even more. Ive been drooling over a N52 swap for some time after watching from of the european guys strip down those 1 series. Though my idea of fun is to put that into abase model slicktop manual everything S130. There was a car that kicked this all off many years back that disappeared. I feel like it was wrecked, the one that got the full 3 series suspension. Maybe BRAAP was involved, but I I have also been watching RTz as well. At least in the USA, BMW is one of the last manufactures offering a viable Inlin
  11. The Crusher Update. Its minor but Im happy to share. Shes covered in dust. I inspected my floors and rails underneath. I might need to replace them. We shall see. I might get some Bad Dog Frame Rails and Zedd Findings Floor Pans yet. John William's Stubs in my STI diff Isnt this cute... a 8 track... LOL Disaster... But repairs are happening Ive re-fitted my spoiler. Feels good to have that back on.
  12. I think they do, but need to be moved back to get the centerline of the wheel correct. Ill know more when I get my sub frame to the shop and start measuring.
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